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Iranian institutions and schools close due to heat

Government institutions have closed due to the heat.

Iran to place unmanned drones on its borders

The Islamic Republic of Iran is placing unmanned drones on its borders in order to improve its defensive capacity, stated Deputy Air Force Commander General Majid Pirhadi, reports "Air Force bases in central regions will be provided with long-range drones," he said, and that the bases will get the drones "by the end of September 2010".

Presidents of Iran and Turkey discuss nuclear program of Teheran

President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and President of Turkey Abdullah Gul, during bilateral negotiations at the D-8 Summit in Nigeria, discussed issues of nuclear disarmament, uranium exchange agreement and the decision of United Nations Security Council on sanctions against Iran.Mahmoud Ahmadinejad thanked his Turkish colleague for his country's position concerning Iran's nuclear program, reports the FARS news agency.

Islamic countries expand economic cooperation

Islamic countries expand economic cooperation

The D-8 summit has ended in Nigeria. It was participated by the Turkish President Abdulla Gul, heads of Iran and Nigeria, Premiers of Bangladesh and Egypt, as well as the ministers of Malaysia and Indonesia, TRT reports.The summit started with the official ceremony of the meeting of the president of Nigeria, Gullak Jonathan with the participants of the organization. The summit saw bilateral negotiations, the most important of which was the talks of Gul and Ahmadinejad.

Iran to develop transport cooperation with Uzbekistan

The Iranian minister of roads and transport, Hamid Behbehani, discussed bilateral cooperation with Uzbekistan in the traffic, rail and air transport sectors with Uzbek vice-premier, and minister of external economic relations, investment and trade, Eler Ganiyev, Trend reports.  

Iran opens new gas field

The governor of Khurasan-Rezavi, Mahmud Salekhi, said that at a meeting with the head of a branch of the Iranian National Oil company carrying out geological explorations, that a new gas field, with estimated gas reserves of 67 billion cubic meters, had been opened, Iran News reports, citing IRNA.

Russian foreign minister calls on EU to open airspace for Iran Air

Russia considers the European Union can't use the Security Council resolution on Iran as reason to ban Iranian planes from carrying out flights in European airspace, ITAR-TASS reports.Russian deputy foreign minister Sergei Ryabkov noted that if the ban is not about flight security, but was imposed in the aftermath of resolution 1929, this would be unacceptable to Russia.The European Union said flights by Iran Air had been banned because the planes don't meet security standards.Ответ

Iranian nuclear program not only issue of mediator states' talks

Iran's nuclear program should be the most important but not the only issue discussed by the "Six" mediator states, announced deputy head of the Russian Foreign Ministry Sergei Ryabkov, RIA Novosti reports.The Russian diplomat noted that discussion of all the proposals put forward by the sides involved in the Iranian issue was needed,?in order to reopen constructive dialogue with Tehran.

Iran may ban its citizens from visiting UAE

Iran has threatened to ban its citizens from visiting the United Arab Emirates, in response to the statement by the?UAE ambassador to the USA on Iran's nuclear program, RIA Novosti reports."The UAE authorities should clarify whether the disgusting comments of the country's ambassador reflect its policy," a representative of the committee on national security and foreign policy of Iran, Kazem Djalali, said.

Russian-Iranian alert partnership( Part 2)

Russian-Iranian alert partnership( Part 2)

Many different events have taken place in the history of Russo-Iranian relations, both positive and negative. However, the parties have always sensed and been aware of each other's significance. 

Ecological cooperation in the Caspian basin

The countries of the Caspian basin will hold a special meeting in September to discuss issues of water pollution and biodiversity preservation in the Caspian Sea, during which they will sign a protocol to reduce the risk of oil spillage, RIA Novosti reports.The Head of the UN Environment Program's Regional Office for Europe, Christophe Bouvier, believes that the parties will sign a protocol devoted to reducing the risk of oil spillage and assessing the state of the environment.

Sanctions will not stop Iranian nuclear program – Salekhi

The new international sanctions against Iran were aimed at slowingdown Iran's nuclear activity but they cannot stop it, the head of theIranian nuclear energy organization, Ali Akbar Salekhi, told apress-conference in Bushehr, ITAR-TASS reports, citing Iranianinformation agencies.

Iran concludes test at Bushehr nuclear plant

Equipment testing at the nuclear plant constructed by Russian specialists in southern Iran's Bushehr has been completed, and the energy block will go into operation between August 23 and September 22, ITAR-TASS reports, citing the head of the Iranian nuclear energy organization.Ali Akbar Salekhi emphasized that with the start of the A4 stage, which involves inspecting reactor equipment at high temperatures, there are no more obstacles to launching the power plant.

Iran to launch new satellite in August

Iran plans to launch a new satellite at the end of August, RIA Novosti reports, citing Iranian Minister of Telecommunication Rezu Tagipura. The Rassad-1’ Satellite will be launched using an Iranian rocket.The deputy minister of telecommunications, Mohammed Khosseynpur, said that Iran plans to launch 2 satellites this year. The launch of the first national satellite into orbit was carried out in February 2008. In November 2008 Tehran launched a second rocket - Kavoshagar-2 - carrying scientific equipment.

US to keep up pressure on Iran

The US will continue pressurizing Iran to fulfill its internationalobligations, President Barack Obama said at a meeting with IsraeliPremier Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House, ITAR-TASS reports. Healso noted that it is necessary for Iran to halt its "provocativebehaviour."Netanyahu thanked the president for the commitment to prevent Iranfrom obtaining nuclear arms. He added that the world should take evenharsher actions against Tehran, mainly in the energy sector.

New Azerbaijani consul general appointed in Iran's Tebriz

Azerbaijani President Ilkham Aliyev signed a decree appointing AliFikret Oglu Alizade as the consul general of Azerbaijani in theIranian city of Tebriz, APA said.

New Consul General of Azerbaijan in Tabriz appointed

On Tuesday President Ilkham Aliev signed an order appointing Ali Fikret oglu Alizade as Azerbaijani Consul General in the Iranian city of Tabriz, Trend reports.Another presidential order vested Ali Fikret oglu Alizade with the title of first-class minister extraordinary and plenipotentiary.

Iran's "East Azerbaijan" province to have its own bank

Addressing a meeting devoted to the Day of Industry and Mining, the governor of the province of East Azerbaijan, Ahmad Ali Reza Beigi, claimed that the President of Iran has consented for the province to have its own bank, Iran News reports. Mr. Beigi stressed that credits would be available to the population and should be used to develop manufacturing. According to the governor, the province has great economic and industrial potential and really needs its own bank.

EU restricts Iran Air's activity on its territory

The European Commission has revised the list of prohibited airlines in the EU, increasing the restrictions put on Iran Air. Two-thirds of Iran Air airplanes are now prohibited from entering the air territory of the European Union, Trend reports. "There can be no compromise when issues of air communication safety are affected. We have evidence that safety regulations are being violated and we have to secure the safety of air communications for our citizens", said European Commissioner Siim Kallas.

EU airspace closed for Iran Air

The European Air Security committee has closed EU airspace for two thirds of Iran Air planes, the committee's spokesperson Helen Kerns said, RIA Novosti reports.This measures concern all of the Iranian company's  Airbus-320, Boeing-727 and Boeing-727 planes. Kerns stressed that this decision had no political motives and was dictated by security concerns only.Iran Air is the major Iranian Air company, with a fleet of some 50 planes