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Georgia, Iran to have visa-free bilateral regime

A spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of Iran stated that in three months a visa-free regime between Iran and Georgia will start operating, reports Also, the Iranian ambassador to Georgia underlined that negotiations on the opening of an Iranian consulate in Batumi are taking place at the moment.

Georgia and Iran will cooperate in the field of mass-media

Georgia Today reports that Iranian foreign minister Aman Mehman Fataris has signed an agreement on cooperation in the field of mass-media during his visit to Georgia. Grigol Vashidze, the foreign minister of Georgia, put his signature to the document for the Georgian side. The latter is planning to visit Iran in his turn.

USA lifts sanctions from Russian organizations accused of helping Iran

The presidential administration of the United States has lifted the sanctions against three Russian organizations, earlier accused of cooperating with the Iranian nuclear weapons project. Sanctions against one ot herorganization, suspected of weapons trade with Syria, have also been lifted, RBK reports quoting Associated Press. But the US state department is making no comment on this. Some experts think that this decision was made to persuade Russia to support the UN Security Council resolution on Iran.

Iran has officially informed the IAEA on its readiness to exchange uranium

The permanent representative of Iran to the IAEA, Ali Asghar Soltani,informed the organization of Tehran's readiness to pass on the messageto the UN giving details on the Iranian-Turkish-Brazilian declarationon uranium exchange, reports Interfax.It is expected that Ali Asghar Soltani and the IAEA director will holda meeting in Vienna on May 24th. Turkish and Brazilian representativeswill also attend the meeting.

Clinton threatens Iran with isolation

Iran should meet the international community halfway over its nuclearprogram or the country risks falling into international isolation, USsecretary of state Hillary Clinton told a joint press conference withJapanese Foreign Minister Kazuya Okada on Friday.She said Tehran should fulfil its obligations, otherwise it will faceisolation. Clinton also noted that the project of the UN resolutionagainst Iran, announced this week, is an explicit message to theIranian authorities, reports ITAR-TASS.

Washington does not consider Tehran uranium agreement exhaustive

The US welcomes Turkish and Brazilian efforts on the Iranian nuclearprogram, but the agreement on uranium exchange does not eliminate allthreats, the Turkish TV channel TPT reports.The White House said that the Tehran agreement is weaker than earliersimilar agreement with Iran.Brazilian President Lula da Silva said that the agreement demonstratesIran's readiness to negotiate on its nuclear program and urged theworld to follow up.The new sanctions project prepared by the USA will be voted on next month.

Iran rules out halt to uranium enrichment

Iran will not halt its uranium enrichment program, the Iranianrepresentative at the IAEA said, Trend reports, citing MEHR. TheIranian representative also called the Security Council decision on adraft resolution on sanctions against Iran "a major historic mistake."He also said he believes that Western countries are using unfoundedaccusations to give the Security Council the powers of IAEA and Iranwill not allow that to happen.

Sanctions against Iran will not affect Russian interests

Possible sanctions against Iran "would not affect existingRussian-Iranian economic contacts", the chairman of the Russian upperhouse's committee on international affairs said.The UN SC resolution project for Iran is well-balanced and wasconcerned by Russia, the USA and China, Mikhail Margelov said.

UN General Assembly head to visit Iran

The head of the UN's General Assembly Ali Abdussalam Treki will visitIran in June, Trend reports, citing Iranian media.Treki will also visit Bahrain, Egypt, Turkey and other countries in the region.

Russia expects Iran to exchange uranium

Russia and Italy are convinced that Iran must present its proposal onexchanging low-enriched (3.5%) uranium for highly-enriched (up to 20%)on the territory of Turkey to the IAEA, Italian Foerign MinisterFranco Frattini told a press-conference after the first round ofRussian-Italian talks, RIA Novosti reports.

Dust from Iraq and Saudi Arabia covers parts of Iran

Dust levels in Tehran, as well as western and southern provinces in Iran have reached a critical point, Iranian media report. In some western towns, the dust is causing breathing difficulties. The situation is expected to improve after Saturday. The dust has been carried in from Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

Gazprom Neft still interested in Iran's Anaran oil deposits

Gazprom Neft is still interested in the Iranian oil deposit Azar and Shangule of the Anaran block, Interfax reports. The top manager of the subsidiary company of Gazprom,Boris Zilbermints, said they are not nterested in any other projects in Iran. He also added that negotiations may drag on because of possible new international sanctions against Iran.

Russian, Turkish premiers discuss trade relations, Iran

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan discussed by phone bilateral trade and the Iranian issue, Interfax reports. Putin supported the recent activities and efforts of Turkey and Brazil to reach a deal with Iran on the exchange of uranium.

Iran says new resolution will discredit Security Council

Iran has said that new sanctions set to be approved by the UN Security Council will discredit the body.Iranian nuclear energy chief Ali Akbar Salehi said the members of the Security Council that support he resolution "will not be in majority, which means that by trying to force through the resolution they will just discredit themselves," RBK reports.

Obama tries to convince Turkish premier on Iran sanctions

US President Barack Obama has called Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to attempt to convince him that sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program are the way forward, Trend reports. The move comes after US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that the US, Russia and China had agreed on a new resolution against the Islamic Republic, despite an apparent last minute deal involving Turkey and Brazil that would see Iran agree to a uranium exchange deal.

Iran plans signing contracts on copper-smelting and copper-refinery plants

The contracts on construction of copper-smelting, copper refinery andenriching plants on Sungun mines (in East Azerbaijan) are planned tobe signed in September, Iran News reports citing IRNA.Director General of the Iranian copper smelting industry company,Ardashir Saadmohammadi, met the governor of East Azerbaijan province,noting that the contracts will most likely be signed with thecontractors. Realization of the projects will go ahead according toschedule.

Brazil, Turkey to participate in Iran Six talks

Brazil, Turkey to participate in Iran Six talks

Brazil and Turkey are willing to participate in Iran Six (the fivepermanent members of UN Security Council plus Germany) on the Iraniannuclear issue, France Press reported on Tuesday, citing the foreignpolicy advisor to the Brazilian president.On Monday, the foreign ministers of Iran, Brazil and Turkey signed anagreement on the exchange of Tehran's low-enriched (3.5%) uranium forhighly-enriched (to 20%) fuel for Tehran's science research reactor.

Iran lifts ban on import of Kazakh grain

A ban on the import of Kazakh grain to Iran has been lifted, Trendreports, citing the press-service of the Kazakh Ministry ofAgriculture.

USA, Russia and China agree on resolution on Iran

The USA, Russia and China have agreed on a new UN Security Councilresolution on Iran, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said athearings in the U.S. Senate on the ratification of the new STARTtreaty, RIA Novosti reports.Representatives of the Iran Six are still discussing the text of theresolution project on possible additional sanctions against Tehran,developed by the USA. The 'six' failed to agree on the US propositionand the diplomats believe that the resolution approval process maycontinue until June.

Turkey speaks out against Iran sanctions

Turkey will not support sanctions against Iran, Turkish ForeignMinister Ahmed Davutoglu said, reports."The agreement on the exchange of Iranian uranium is not just adocument of good intentions, but also a significant agreement," henoted. "The trilateral agreement between Brazil, Turkey and Iran isthe most important diplomatic step by Tehran in the 30 years".Davutoglu expressed confidence that Iran will fulfill its obligations.