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Russia to hand Bushehr nuclear plant to Iran in 2-3 years

Russia intends to pass control of the 'Busher' nuclear-power plant to Iranian management in 2 or 3 years. In the meantime, the plant is being operated on a parity basis, RIA Novosti quotes Mr Kiriyenko, the head of 'Rosatom', as saying.These conditions are stipulated in the treaty on joint venture establishment.

Russia to deliver radioactive isotopes to Iran

Russia is ready to deliver a shipment of radioactive isotopes to Iran for medical purposes, chief executive of Rosatom Sergey Kiriyenko told a press conference after the opening ceremony of the 'Bushehr' plant, RIA Novosti reports. "Iran requested molybdenum-99 and iodine-131 isotopes and yesterday we confirmed that we are ready to supply the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran with these substances," Mr Kiriyenko said.

Russia and Iran sign 'Bushehr' joint venture treaty

Russia and Iran signed a treaty on creating a joint venture for operating the 'Busher' nuclear-power plant, RIA Novosti informs. The treaty was signed on a parity basis by the Russian company 'Atomstroyexport' and Iran's 'Nuclear Power Production and Development' company. The political aspect of the first Iranian nuclear power plant launch is at the center of attention of the international community.

Bushehr plant to be fully operational in 2010

The nuclear power plant in Bushehr will reach its full capacity before the end of the year 2010, declared the head of the Russian company 'Rosatom' Sergey Kiriyenko yesterday before the opening ceremony, RIA Novosti reports.

Moscow and Tehran launch 'Busher' power plant

The completion of the Bushehr nuclear power plant project has proved Russia's commitment to its obligations, declared the head of Rosatom, Sergey Kiriyenko, at the opening ceremony of the plant, Interfax informs. "The Bushehr project is unique, there's nothing else like it in the world," said Mr Kiriyenko. The construction of the plant was started in 1974 by German companies, and Russian specialists managed to build the new installation on the foundation of the old one.

Iranian nuclear power plant in Bushehr may be launched in late 2010

Launching the Bushehr nuclear power plant at its estimated capacity may happen in late 2010, Russian deputy foreign minister Sergey Ryabkov said. He noted the importance of the launch.

Iran increases gas extraction in ‘South Pars’

The head of the department of coordination and control over gas extraction at the ‘South Pars’ complex, Mohammed Reza Julai, said that gas extraction at ‘South Pars’ in the Asaluye reion (Bushehr province) increased by 14%, Iran News reports, citing ‘Mouj’ agency. In the period from March 21st to July 22nd, extraction reached 26 billion cubic metres of gas. 21.5 billion cubic metres of gas were extracted in the same period last year.

Azerbaijani and Iranian scientists synthesize anti-cancer treatment

Azerbaijani and Iranian scientists have synthesized medicine to cure cancer, Trend reports.Scientists of the Iranian Center of International Research ‘Arin Kimya’ and the State University of Baku have synthesized a smart-system for medicine delivery, announced the head of the nanomaterial physics department of the State University of Baku, Magomedali Ramazanov.

Iran tests new “Giyam 1” missile

 The new “Giyam” surface-to-surface missile, constructed in Iran, has been successfully tested, claimed Iranian Defense Minister Ahmed Vahidi. The missile uses new technology and possesses particular tactical strength, due to the fact that the missile has no wings.

US aircraft carrier rescues Iranian mariners in Arabian Sea

 The US aircraft carrier USS Harry Truman has rescued Iranian mariners from a burning vessel in the Arabian Sea. Some of them were rescued by helicopter, eight people were pulled out of the water, reports Interfax.

Azerbaijani Oil Company can increase gas exports to Iran from 15th of September

 The Azerbaijani State Oil Company’s leadership and its president, Rovnag Abdullaev, inspected gas facilities for export and import operations with Iran of Azerbaijan’s Astarinsky region, reports The modernization of the Astarinskaya gas compressing station, allowing larger gas supplies to Iran, will finish by the 15th of September. It was claimed earlier that the infrastructure for larger supplies will be completed by October.

Iran needs at least a year to create nuclear weapon – White House

 Iran needs at least a year to create a nuclear weapon, believes the White House Coordinator for Weapons of Mass Destruction, Security and Arms Control, Gary Samore, on the basis of expert international research. Israel earlier expressed misgivings about Iran having the possibility to enrich uranium within several months to create warheads.

Ahmadinejad to negotiate on enriched uranium exchange

Iranian President Mahmuod Ahmadinejad is ready to negotiate with the five permament members of the UN Security Council (Russia, the USA, France, the UK and China) and Germany concerning the exchange of slightly-enriched uranium for nuclear fuel enriched abroad, reports Trend. It was earlier claimed that negotiations with the US could take place only after sanctions are lifted.

Syrian economic delegation arrives in Tehran

An economic delegation from Syria is arriving tonight in Tehran to work out a free trade agreement, Iran News reports, citing IRIB news.According to the Ministry of the Economy and External Trade of Syria, the delegation is headed by the deputy premier of Syria for economic affairs, Abdalla Dardari. The minister of oil and mineral resources, the minister of the economy and external trade and the minister of industry are among the delegates.

Record wheat harvest in Iran

The deputy minister of trade and head of the Iranian state trading company, Khamid Alikhani, said in an interview to ‘Mouj’ that this year Iran will cover its domestic demand for wheat and will export over 670,000 tons, Iran News reports. According to Alikhani, the wheat production this year is unprecedented, exceeding 12 million tons.The state trading company has already purchased 10.3 million tons of surplus wheat from farmers and this should reach 11 million tons in the near future.

Iran sees prejudice in report of US State Department

Tehran believes that the report of the US State Department is prejudicial and says that there is no basis for considering that Iran supports terrorism, a spokesman of the Iranian Foreign Ministry Ramin Mekhmanparast said. On August 5th the US State Department published a report on the fight against terrorism, in which Iran was added to the list of states supporting terrorism, such as Bolivia, Venezuela and Nicaragua. Sudan, Syria and Cuba are still on the list, RIA Novosti reports, citing IRNA.

Iran files note of protest to UN

Iran has filed a note of protest to the UN concerning the threat of an American military attack on Iran, reports Trend. A US plan to attack Iran was criticised and claimed to be based on false evidence. US Chief of Staff Michael Mullen has said that an attack on Iran is a bad idea.

Armenia imports wheat mainly from Iran

Armenia is importing wheat mainly from Iran, due to the Russian embargo on wheat exports, reports Iran News. Russia has lost 20% of its harvest due to the extremely hot weather, and the embargo has caused price rises on wheat in Armenia. Only 200,000 tons of the 700,000 tons of wheat consumed in Armenia is domestic product. The volume of wheat production in Iran is expected to rise by 2.5 million tons, therefore Armenia will import wheat from Iran.

IAEA to control startup of Atomic Power Station in Bushehr

 The main stage of construction of the nuclear power plant at Bushehr is set to finish in August. On the 21st of August the first critical stage is due to take place. The process will be controlled by the International Atomic Energy Agency. The station is a great international project, Russia has offered particular assistance in building it.  

Iran won't negotiate with USA – Ali Khamenei

Iran won't negotiate with the USA about the Iranian nuclear programme until the sanctions are abolished and the military threat is over, claimed the Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, reports Reuters.