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Iranian visit to Georgia under consideration

Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili did not confirm that IranianPresident Mahmud Ahmadinejad's visit to Georgia had been decided,though he noted that Premier Nika Gilauri plans to visit Tehran todiscuss economic issues, Iran News reports.“The Iranian leader received the invitation 4 or 5 years ago. A lothas changed since then”, Saakashvili told TV journalists on May 25th.He noted that Georgia and Iran had agreed on lifting their visaarrangements, which had attracted more Iranian tourists to Georgia.

State University of Tehran to open center for Armenian studies

A Center for Armenian studies will be opened in the State Universityof Tehran in 2011, Armenian Minister of Education and Science ArmenAshotyan said today, News Armenia reports.The agreement to open the center was achieved within the framework ofan Armenian delegation's visit to Iran on May 21-25. Representativesfrom ministries of education and science, diasporas, the NationalAcademy of Sciences and higher education centers of Armenia were partof the delegation.

Clinton's comments are wrong - Motaki

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's statements are wrong,Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Motaki said, reports Trend."Clinton's mistake is that she should not have expressed the U.S.attitude to Iran's letter, which was sent to the IAEA. It wasnecessary to express the views in an official letter," he said.Mottaki added that the statements are "propaganda". Clinton said anagreement on Iranian uranium exchange on the territory of Turkey was a"gimmick".

Iran to recognize diplomas of 3 Armenian universities

Iran's Education and Science Ministry is ready to recognize thediplomas of 3 Armenian state universities, Armenian Education andScience Minister Armen Ashotyan told journalists on Wednesday, The Armenian Minister announced that Iran will recognizethe diplomas of Yerevan State Medical University named after M.Heratsi, Yerevan State University and the State Engineering Universityof Armenia.The agreement on the of the Armenian diplomas was reached duringAshotyan's visit to Iran May 21-26. The issue should be resolved bySeptember.

Russia supports the dialogue of the ‘Six’ and Iran

Russia calls for a dialogue of the ‘Six’ international mediators(Russia, the USA, China, France, UK and Germany) on the Iraniannuclear program settlement with Tehran, the official spokesman ofRussian Foreign Ministry Andrey Nesterenko said in his commentspublished on the ministry’s website on Tuesday.

Iran still hopes Russia will deliver S-300 missiles

Tehran expect Moscow to fulfil its obligations on the supply of S-300surface-to-air missiles , the Iranian ambassador to Russia has said,reports Interfax. A failure to deliver the missiles may harm Russia'sreputation as an arms supplier, noted the diplomat.

Ship carrying Iranian actors sinks in Persian Gulf

A ship carrying Iranian actors has sunk 5 kilometres from the islandof Kish in the Persian Gulf, reports ITAR-TASS.The accident occurred on Monday evening when the ship ran out of fueland overturned. There were no casualties, although all the equipmentfor the film "Everything the Lord Wants" was lost.

Ankara builds up its diplomatic activity on the Iranian nuclear problem.

After the agreement on fuel exchange, Turkey is on the diplomatic attack, with Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish Premier, holding phone talks with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Bakililar.AZ reports citing TRT. Turkish foreign minister Ahmet Davutoglu met earlier with the foreign minister of Iran and made contact with Yukio Amano, the director manager of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Iran conducting large-scale manoeuvres

Iran conducting large-scale manoeuvres Large-scale manoeuvres of the land forces of Iran started today in the central province of Isfakhan, ITAR-TASS reports. Armoured units, motorized forces, artillery and engineering forces are taking part in the oparation called "Beyt-ol-Mogaddas-22".The manoeuvres are organized to coincide with the anniversary of the liberation of the city of Khorremshekhr from Iraqi troops during the war of 1980-88. These are the third such manoeuvres in Iran this month.

Iran informs IAEA on swap deal

Iran outlined to the U.N. nuclear watchdog on Monday a deal to give up some of its enriched uranium, calling it major progress toward resolving a standoff with world powers now pursuing tougher sanctions against Tehran, reports letter signed by Iranian nuclear program chief Ali Akbar Salehi was handed over to International Atomic Energy Agency director-general Yukiya Amano at a 45-minute meeting in Vienna, an Iranian diplomat told reporters.

Iran cuts oil production

Sanctions and underinvestment have cut Iran's oil production capacity by at least 300,000 barrels per day, depriving the country of billions of dollars of revenues, reports Financial Times.The slow development of new oilfields and the poor condition of many existing wells have caused the fall, according to Iranian and western experts."Oil production capacity has dropped by probably about 300,000-400,000 bpd," said a former senior official in Iran's government. His figures were consistent with those of a western oil official.

Armenian-Iranian relations are sincere and friendly – Ahmadinezhad

Iran and Armenia have very strong ties, said Iranian President MahmoudAhmadinezhad at the meeting with Minister for Science and Education ofArmenia Armen Ashotyan, reports panorama.amThe Iranian president noted that all opportunities should be used infavor of the Armenian and Iranian nations. "Iran is ready to share itsexperience in the scientific sphere," he said.Ashotyan also said that due to the close ties between Armenia andIran, science could also boost a rise in living standards in the twostates.

Iran and Georgia to abolish visa regime and exchange presidential visits

There will soon be no visas required for citizens of Iran and Georgia to travel between their countries. Also, an Iranian consulate will be opened in Batumi and direct flights will soon operate between Tehran and Batumi, deputy Iranian foreign minister Ramin Mehmanparast told TV channel ANS.He also said there was the possibility of an official visit of the Iranian president to Georgia in the near future.

Erdogan and Ahmadinejad speak over phone

Prime Minister Erdogan of Turkey and Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad have discussed the current situation surrounding the nuclear fuel exchange in a telephone conversation, reports Trend with reference to the official website of Iranian television, IRIB News.

Georgia, Iran to have visa-free bilateral regime

A spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of Iran stated that in three months a visa-free regime between Iran and Georgia will start operating, reports Also, the Iranian ambassador to Georgia underlined that negotiations on the opening of an Iranian consulate in Batumi are taking place at the moment.

Georgia and Iran will cooperate in the field of mass-media

Georgia Today reports that Iranian foreign minister Aman Mehman Fataris has signed an agreement on cooperation in the field of mass-media during his visit to Georgia. Grigol Vashidze, the foreign minister of Georgia, put his signature to the document for the Georgian side. The latter is planning to visit Iran in his turn.

USA lifts sanctions from Russian organizations accused of helping Iran

The presidential administration of the United States has lifted the sanctions against three Russian organizations, earlier accused of cooperating with the Iranian nuclear weapons project. Sanctions against one ot herorganization, suspected of weapons trade with Syria, have also been lifted, RBK reports quoting Associated Press. But the US state department is making no comment on this. Some experts think that this decision was made to persuade Russia to support the UN Security Council resolution on Iran.

Iran has officially informed the IAEA on its readiness to exchange uranium

The permanent representative of Iran to the IAEA, Ali Asghar Soltani,informed the organization of Tehran's readiness to pass on the messageto the UN giving details on the Iranian-Turkish-Brazilian declarationon uranium exchange, reports Interfax.It is expected that Ali Asghar Soltani and the IAEA director will holda meeting in Vienna on May 24th. Turkish and Brazilian representativeswill also attend the meeting.

Clinton threatens Iran with isolation

Iran should meet the international community halfway over its nuclearprogram or the country risks falling into international isolation, USsecretary of state Hillary Clinton told a joint press conference withJapanese Foreign Minister Kazuya Okada on Friday.She said Tehran should fulfil its obligations, otherwise it will faceisolation. Clinton also noted that the project of the UN resolutionagainst Iran, announced this week, is an explicit message to theIranian authorities, reports ITAR-TASS.

Washington does not consider Tehran uranium agreement exhaustive

The US welcomes Turkish and Brazilian efforts on the Iranian nuclearprogram, but the agreement on uranium exchange does not eliminate allthreats, the Turkish TV channel TPT reports.The White House said that the Tehran agreement is weaker than earliersimilar agreement with Iran.Brazilian President Lula da Silva said that the agreement demonstratesIran's readiness to negotiate on its nuclear program and urged theworld to follow up.The new sanctions project prepared by the USA will be voted on next month.