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Israelis found in Georgian mountains

Three Israeli tourists, who disappeared in the mountains of Svaneti in Georgia, have been found. They left the village of Ushguli in the Mestiiskii region on Monday, but did not return in time.The tourists were found by border guards 8 kilometers away from the village of Ushguli .

Turkey as target

Turkey as target

Turkey has undergone a series of terrorist attacks once more.

Israeli distribution networks decline boycott against Turkish goods

A week after the patriotic statements on the boycott against Turkish goods the Israeli trade chains Shupersal, Rami Levy and Ribua Kahol agreed with the Trade Ministry and declined the idea of a boycott, the Turkish media reports. This week Israeli Trade Minister Sharon Kedmi asked the owners of the three big distrubution networks to behave decently and not spoil relations with Turkey.

Turkish and US representatives discuss regional problems

US officials and a group of parliamentarians from the Justice and Development Party of Turkey discussed security questions in the Caucasus and Middle East, including rapprochement between Turkey and Armenia, a peaceful settlement in Karabakh and the crisis between Turkey and Israel, APA reports.O.

Volleyball matches between Turkish and Israeli national teams cancelled

The European Volleyball Federation declared that the matches betweenTurkey and Israel in the European women’s volleyball league have beencancelled due to tensions between the two countries.The European federation believes that holding such matches could posea danger. The federation decided to give both national teams 3:0victories.

Turkish Foreign Minister meets ambassadors of US, UK, Germany and France

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey Ahmet Davutoglu has met with the US, UK, German and French ambasadors in Ankara, TRT Russian reports. At the meeting in the Foreign Ministry Davutoglu expressed the position of Turkey on Israel's attack on the aid flotilla and Iran's nuclear programme.

Iran is concentrating forces on north-western border

The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) is concentrating forces onthe north-western border, Iranian TV channel ‘Press TV’ reported onWednesday.The Brigadier General of the IRGC, Mehdi Moini, said that the forceswere mobilized due to the presence of US and Israeli forces on thewestern border.Moini said that western countries are trying to increase interethnicconflict and destabilize the situation in the region, Interfaxreports.

Israel freezes contract on supply of unmanned planes to Turkey

The Israeli air plane construction concern "Elbit" and "TaasiyaAvirit" have put on hold a deal with Turkey on supply of unmannedaircraft, "Today Azaman" reports. These types of aircraft are designedfor intelligence purposes. The contract was put on hold due to theflotilla crisis, but is still in force.After the Israeli specialists were recalled from Turkey, Ankara drewup an alternative intelligence program using Turkish unmanned planes,designed by BAYKAR.

Saudi Arabia denies will allow Israel to attack Iran from its territory

Saudi Arabia's Foreign Ministry has denied British media reports thatthe country has given permission to Israel for the use of itsterritory to launch missiles at nuclear facilities in Iran, Gazeta.rureports.

No one can threaten Turkey - Erdogan

Turkish Premier Recep Erdogan has commented on the discussion overTurkish assistance to Gaza Strip and rumors of a Turkish foreignpolicy shift, Regnum reports."For some reason, everybody asks what Turkey's business in Gaza is,but one asks about the US in Iraq. Our ancestors saved the Israelipeople from repression in Europe 500 years ago and in the same way wewill help out our brothers and sisters in the Gaza Strip. Turkey willalways help those who need it," the premier said.

Iran urges IAEA inspection of Israel nuclear facilities

Iran has called on the IAEA to carry out an inspection of Israelinuclear facilities, Interfax reports, citing the Iranian Press TVchannel ."Without doubt, the nuclear capabilities of Israel are a potentialthreat to the entire world and peace in the Middle East," said AliAshgar Soltani, Iran's permanent representative at the IAEA.In 1969 Israel agreed on a deal with the US according to which TelAviv would not make public its nuclear potential and would not carry

Iran reiterates peaceful nature of nuclear program

Iranian Foreign Minister Manuchehr Mottaki said at an SCO summit onFriday that the Iranian nuclear program has peaceful purposes, RIANovosti reports.He called the recent uranium swap agreement between Iran, Turkey andBrazil a positive step and confirmed the intentions of Iran tocooperate with the international community.The minister called the new UN sanctions against Iran unjust. Hepointed out that the Security Council had taken no action over arecent Israeli attack on aid ships heading to Gaza.

Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey to establish free market zone

Syria,Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey declared on Thursday they wouldestablish a free market zone and visa-free transportation for theircitizens, RIA Novosti reports, citing the Syrian information agencySANA.The agreement was concluded by the four states' foreign ministers inIstanbul, within the framework of the Turkish-Arab forum. Relationsbetween Turkey and Arab countries have improved in the last years. Thepopularity of Turkey rose after the row over the Israeli attack on theTurkish aid ship heading to Gaza.

USA concerned about Turkish-Israeli tensions

The US Defense Minister Robert Gates is concerned about the tensionsbetween Turkey and Israel. He believes that Turkey ‘is heading east’and he believes that some European countries are responsible for thisby refusing to view Turkey as part of the West, Reuters reports.

Erdogan sends delegation to US

Turkish Premier Recep Erdogan will send a delegation to the USA tohold talks on the recent deadly Israeli raid on Gaza-boundhumanitarian flotilla, the Turkish TV channel TRT reports.Turkey is trying to bring Israel in front of an international courtover the attack.The negotiations will be held next week.

Turkey will not revise its policy regarding Israel - Liberman

Turkey will not change its attitude towards Israel, even if Tel Avivcompromises or makes concessions, Israeli Foreign Minister AvigdorLiberman said during his address to the largest Jewish organizationsin the USA, reports.According to Liberman, Turkey's foreign policy is a strategic choiceand a result of dramatic changes in Turkish society.

Conversation on the banks of the Bosphorus

The third session of the CICA began in Istanbul

CICMA summit ends

The 3rd summit of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence-building Measures in Asia (CICMA) has ended in Istanbul. President Gul, in his speech at the summit, spoke the Israeli attack, TRT reports.Gul focused on solving problems according to the norms of international law, without violence. He pointed out that this organization is the most effective of its kind in solving conflicts between countries, gathering together such countries as Israel and Palestine, India and Pakistan.

Turkish and Azerbaijani gas agreements will not affect ‘Blue Stream’ - Erdogan

The agreements between Turkey and Azerbaijan on gas supplies from‘Shakh-Deniz-2’ will have no effect on the amounts of Russian suppliesthrough the ‘Blue Stream’ pipeline project, Turkish Premier RecepTayyip Erdogan said at a meeting with Premier Vladimir Putin today,RIA Novosti reports.Turkey buys gas from Azerbaijan but most supplies come from Russia.Erdogan noted that Turkey lacks gas for industrial facilities. He saidthat Azerbaijani gas will partially cover gas demand.

Kadyrov denies Israeli allegations on separatists

Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov has slammed claims by the Israeliforeign minister that the organizers of the "Freedom Flotilla" hadlinks with Chechen separatists, Interfax reports."I'm very surprised that the Russian media circulated the statement ofa famous Israeli politician about ties between Chechen separatists andthe Freedom Flotilla organizers," Kadyrov said."Such statements are propaganda and spread in order to divert theattention of the international community from the bloody tragedy in

Putin arrives in Istanbul for "confidence-building" forum

Putin arrives in Istanbul for "confidence-building" forumRussian Premier Vladimir Putin has arrived in Istanbul to take part ina session of the third summit of the Conference on Interaction andConfidence-building Measures in Asia (CICA). As reports ITAR-TASS,Putin will make a speech at the morning session. A number of bilateralmeetings are also scheduled for the visit.It is expected that Putin will hold meetings with Turkish PremierRecep Erdogan and President Abdullah Gul, Azerbaijani President Ilham

Organization of the Islamic Confernce calls for sanctions against Israel

The Organization of the Islamic Confernce (OIC) has held a session at foreign ministerial level in the city of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia to discuss Israel's attack on the humaniatarian ships, ANS reports. The general secretary of the OIC, Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, called for the creation of an expert group to develop international action against the leader of Israel, who is responsible for the attack. He said: "in the name of equality and justice, we should appeal to loyal forces to break the blockade of the Palestinian nation"

Istanbul awaits CICA summit

Istanbul awaits CICA summit

Within the CICA summit's framework will be held several important international meetings.

Turkey annuls military agreements with Israel

Turkey has scrapped military agreements with Israel, ANS reports,citing the chairman of the ruling party (Party of Development andJustice) Omer Chelik.Relations between Turkey and Israel have dramatically worsened sincean attack by Israeli commandos on the international humanitarianconvoy "Freedom Flotilla", on its way to Gaza. The attack took thelives of 9 people, including 8 Turkish citizens. As a response theTurkish parliament called on government to reduce contacts with Israelto minimum.

Israel bans soldiers from visiting Turkey

The Israeli authorities have officially banned servicemen fromvisiting Turkey. The Israeli anti terrorist department said in astatement that this primarily concerns reservists planning to spendvacations in Turkey, reports resorts are very popular among Israeli citizens. However,relations between the states have worsened due to a recent deadlyIsraeli raid on Gaza-bound aid ships carrying Turkish nationals. ManyTurkish cities saw anti-Israeli riots and demonstrations after theattack.

Turkish Foreign Minister to take part in OIC meeting

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey, Ahmet Davutoglu, is heading to Jeddah to take part in the meeting of the executive council of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), reports Trend, with reference to the Turkish agency Anadolu. At the meeting of the executive council the recent attack on the aid flotilla by Israel and developments surrounding this incident will be discussed.

Israel calls a halt to flights to Turkey

The Israeli government has made a decision to suspend all flights to Turkey. This embargo will be in effect for three weeks, APA reports, due to the problems between the two countries.

US calls for a halt to attempts to breach blockade of Gaza Strip

The US admits that the current situation around the Gaza Strip must be changed, but calls upon foreign ships carrying aid for the population of the Palestinian enclave to stop trying to breach the blockade by Israel, a spokesman for the US National security Council Mike Hammer stated.

Israel denies information about capturing of Irish ship

The Israeli military are denying that the Irish ship "Rachel Corrie" has been captured, RIA Novosti reports. A representative of the Israeli command said that no boarding operation has been carried out. Neither did he confirm that the ship was stopped 55km from the Palestinian coast.Earlier it had been announced in Tel-Aviv that the "Rachel Corrie" would not be allowed through the blockade.

Israel stops one more ship with humanitarian aid for Gaza

Israeli naval troops have stopped and boarded the Irish cargo ship "Rachel Corrie", which was trying to break the sea blockade of Gaza, Israeli radio reports. The ship was stopped 35 miles (65 km) from Gaza at 05:45, local time. There are no reports of any resistance, according to Interfax.