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Chechen separatists connected with "Freedom Flotilla" says Lieberman

Vice-premier and Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman said thatorganizers of the humanitarian convoy "Freedom Flotilla" have tieswith Chechen separatists, reports Rossiya-24."It is obvious that their aim was conflict and bloodshed,"- he said.He also noted that the Israeli and Turkish sides maintained closecontacts through official and alternative channels. "We have offeredvarious alternatives for transporting this so-called humanitarian aid.But all our offers were refused." - Lieberman said.

Erdogan talks with Putin over Israeli raid

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan held a phone conversation with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin over the deadly Israeli raid on the Gaza aid flotilla. Erdoğan is reported to have told Putin that Turkey would not accept such an interceptionErdoğan shared the details of the interception with Putin. He said Turkey would seek for international justice over the incident.

Turkey will freeze joint projects with Israel

The Turkish Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, Taner Yildiz,made a speech at a conference on rational use of energy, organized bythe energy structures of the US and the Turkish-American council. Hesaid that there will be no joint projects until normalization ofrelations with Israel, 6news reports.This includes humanitarian issues, gas projects and other projectsrelated to water resources. There will be no gas transport using ‘BlueStream – 2’.

Israel is ready to ease Gaza blockade

Israeli Premier Benjamin Netanyahu is ready to make concessions to theblockade of the Gaza Strip. According to Israel's 'Channel-2',Tel-Aviv is ready to allow international inspectors into Gaza to checkhumanitarian ships, Netanyahu told the Middle East peace envoy TonyBlair.

Flotilla Crisis

Flotilla Crisis

The situation around the "Flotilla" worsened US-Turkish relations

Israel stops flights to Turkey

Israel has banned all flights of its air companies to Turkey.According to the head of the association of Israeli tour operators,Yossi Fatael, the full ‘embargo’ will remain in place for the nextthree weeks, Turprom reports. Turkey is one of the main spheres forthe Israeli market.

Allakhshukur Pashazade: Israeli government should resign or apologize

The chairman of the Board of Muslims of the Caucasus, Hadji Allakhshukur Pashazade, expressed his attitude to the attack by Israeli special forces on the aid convoy to Gaza. In an interview with the TV channel ANS, Pashazade criticized the incident and described it as a display of cruelty.

Planes carrying participants in the Freedom Flotilla land in Turkey

Turkish civil and military aircraft flew about 500 participants in the Freedom Flotilla to the country. Local television reports that 466 people, mostly Turkish citizens, were taken to Istanbul by three Turkish Airlines planes to Ataturk international airport. The bodies of 9 people killed during the attack by Israeli special forces were also flown there. There are 4 Turkish citizens among those killed, reports RIA Novosti.

Recalled Turkish ambassador to Israel arrives in Istanbul

The ambassador of Turkey to Tel-Aviv, Oguz Celikkol, returned to his home country on Thursday after Ankara recalled him in protest at the Israeli special forces' attack on the aid flotilla with international activists heading to the Gaza Strip, reports Trend.

Turkish government approves declaration concerning Israel

The Grand National Assembly of Turkey accepted a declarationconcerning the attack on a Turkish humanitarian cargo ship heading toGaza by Israeli naval forces. The declaration involves the creation ofa commission to investigate human rights violation during the attack.The commission members will visit Israel, reports.

Turkish parliament demands government review relations with Israel

Turkish parliament demands government review relations with Israel

The Turkish parliament approved a unanimous declaration on Wednesdaycriticizing a deadly attack on naval humanitarian convoy heading toGaza by Israeli commandos, RIA Novosti reports.The Turkish legislative assembly demanded the government review itsrelations with Israel in the trade-economic and military spheres. Italso urged Israel to apologize for its actions and wants Israel to bebrought to face international charges. Parliament also called onIsrael to lift the blockade on Gaza immediately.

Erdogan holds phone talk with Obama

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has told President Obamathat Israel's raid violated international practice and was an unlawfulact. Conducting an intense round of diplomacy in the wake of theIsraeli raid on Gaza-bound aid vessels, Erdogan spoke to US PresidentBarack Obama by telephone.

Israel recalls diplomats from Ankara

Israel has started evacuating families of diplomatic corps fromAnkara, however this doesn't mean a full diplomatic break, ITAR-TASSreports.Israel "has to apologize to the international community for itsbehaviour," said Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, speaking atthe emergency session of the UN Security Council, convened at Ankara'sinitiative following the raid of Israeli commandos on the humanitarianflotilla to Gaza. Ten people were killed and dozens injured, most ofthem Turkish citizens..

Turkey urges Israel to lift "inhumane" Gaza embargo

Turkey's Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan urged Israel on Tuesday to lift its "inhumane embargo" on Gaza as soon as possible, in a speech to parliament in which he criticised an Israeli raid on a Turkey-backed aid convoy, Reuters reports.Erdogan said the international community should carry out an investigation into the operation by Israeli commandos to stop a Turkish vessel carrying aid to Gaza. At least nine people were killed during the storming of the vessel.

Turkish planes to bring home victims of Israeli raid

Turkey has sent three planes to Israel to bring home some 20 of itsnationals injured when Israeli commandos attacked aid ships bound forthe Gaza Strip, Turkish officials said, ITAR-TASS reports.Turkey is still waiting for Israel's permission to send three moreplanes to bring home more nationals.

Israel detains 480 activists of international aid flotilla

Israel has detained 480 participants of the international humanitarianflotilla attacked by Israeli commandos on Monday on its way to theGaza Strip, RIA Novosti reports, citing the Israeli radio station "KolIsrael". Another 45 are in hospital.The activists will be questioned and later deported. Some 48participants of the humanitarian mission have already left forTel Aviv international airport. Most of the hospitalized activists arecitizens of Turkey. Six Israeli soldiers received injuries during theraid.

UN begins urgent talks on the capture of the "Freedom flotilla"

Urgent closed consultations on the incident involving the "Freedom flotilla" have been started by the UN. A statement from the chair of the Security Council could be made after the consultations. The permanent Palestinian observer in the UN, Riyad Mansur, expressed hope that the Security Council will condemn the actions of Israel and will do its best to punish those responsible. According to the latest data, 15 people were killed and around 30 injured during the boarding.

Russian Foreign ministry condemns Israel's attack on humanitarian flotilla

Moscow has expressed concern regarding Israel's attack on the "Freedom flotilla", "The Voice of Russia" radio station reports Foreign Ministry spokesman Andrey Nesterenko as saying. The Ministry condemns Israel primarily for the loss of life. It insists a detailed investigation into the event should be launched.

Extraordinary session of UN Security Council on the "Freedom Flotilla" incident

An extraordinary session of the UN Security Council is taking place today, devoted to the capture of the international flotilla heading for Israel with about 10 thousand tons of humanitarian supplies, RIA Novosti reports. The precise time of the meeting is not yet known. There were 10 ships in the "Freedom flotilla" captured by the Israeli navy. Last Sunday they departed from Cyprus to break the blockade of the Gaza strip. There were 600 human rights activists on board, the majority of them Turkish.

Aid ships smuggled weapons - Israeli source

"On board the international convoy carrying humanitarian aid to theGaza Strip were contraband weapons which the activists used to attackIsraeli soldiers", Trend reports, citing a source in the IsraeliGovernment.Arms were on board the ships before the arrival of the Israeli Navy,and Israeli soldiers were forced to defend themselves, as a result ofwhich two Israeli soldiers were injured, the anonymous source said.Over 10 people were killed during the raid, with some sources puttingthe death toll as high as 16.

Turkey calls for UN meeting over Israel aid convoy attack

Turkey has called for an emergency meeting of the U.N. SecurityCouncil after Israeli commandos stormed Gaza-bound aid ships, killingat least 10 activists on board, a Turkish foreign ministry officialsaid, Reuters reports. Ankara has also recalled its ambassador toIsrael.The UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon said he was shocked by theIsraeli raid. He noted that the international community condemns thekillings and will investigate the circumstances of the incident.

Arab League head calls for urgent session over Israel raid

The Secretary General of the Arab League Amt Musa has urged an urgentsession for June 1 in connection with an Israeli raid on aninternational humanitarian convoy with human rights activists onboard, reports RIA Novosti.

International community criticizes Israeli raid on aid ships.

The European Union has condemned Israel's attacks on ships carryingtons of humanitarian aid from Turkey to the Gaza Strip and demanded anexplanation from the Israeli government, Trend reports.EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security PolicyCatherine Ashton appealed to the Israeli leadership to letinternational ships enter the Gaza Strip to carry humanitarian cargoto the Palestinian enclave.Moreover, the Arab League announced it will hold an emergency meeting

Israel storms Gaza aid convoy, #039over 10 dead#039

Israel storms Gaza aid convoy, 'over 10 dead'

The Turkish Foreign Ministry has strongly condemned as "unacceptable" an Israeli raid on international humanitarian ships, and demanded an official explanation from the Israeli government, reports ITAR-TASS.

Ceremonial Georgia

Ceremonial Georgia

New partners of Russia did not protest against construction of the memorial in honor of soldiers who fought Russia.

Erdogan makes program statements in Brazil

Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has made important statements regarding problems of interior and exterior policy, Trend reports, citing Turkish news agency Anadolu. He spoke of the problems of exchanging low-enriched Iranian uranium for nuclear fuel. He said that the agreement signed in Tehran would help establish peace on the planet. At the same time, he added that the most dangerous countries were those which possessed the majority of the world's nuclear weapons.

Turkish aid flotilla heads to Gaza Strip

Three more ships left Turkish Antalia heading for Cyprus, where they are due to join five cargo and passenger ships containing 10 thousand tons of humanitarian aid and building materials and 700 activists. The flotilla will head for the Gaza Strip on Saturday, Rosbalt reports.In spite of warnings from the Israeli authorities, Turkish activists intend to break the economic blockade set up by Israel.

Armenian teachers to work in Turkey

Armenian teachers will work in Turkey. The head of the TurkishUniversity Erdjiyesh said that their university will open departmentsof Armenian and Hebrew languages in the next academic year, Bagiunnewspaper reports. The university has invited two Armenian teachers,Armenia Today reports.

XII Congress of Russian Press opening in Israel

The XII Congress of Russian Press is opening in Israel today. Journalists from 50 countries are participating in it. 140 of them will be Israeli, 200 will come from abroad.The congress was initiated by the Israeli president Benyamin Netanyahu. The organizing committee invites participation in the project online at the website

Telman Ismaylov declines banquet with president of Israel

The famous Russian billionaire, Telman Ismaylov, has refused to participate in a banquet with the president of Israel, which was organised by the Kazakh media magnate as part of the 12th Congress of the Universal Association of the Russian Press in Tel Aviv, IzRus reports.