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Israel destroys half of Syrian Air Defenses - source

Israel estimates that it destroyed nearly half of Syria's air defense system in a retaliatory air force sortie after one of its F-16 fighter jets was shot down by a Syrian missile, according to a military assessment provided to local news …

Israel refuses to recognize Armenian 'genocide'

The Knesset voted against a draft law implying the recognition of the genocide of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire, Israeli media reported. The legislative body rejected the bill proposed by the Yesh Atid party, the Jerusalem Post …

 Netanyahu: no early elections planned in Israel

Israel’s coalition government remained stable, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, adding that it would continue to govern despite police recommendations he be indicted for bribery. "I …

Die Welt: Israel in the run-up to next war

The Israeli fighter jet was attacked during the operation in Syria and subsequently crashed in Israel. The F-16 jet was shot down after hitting "Iranian targets". The fireball rushed through the sky before the mountains of …

Israel closes part of its airspace for flights

The aviation authorities of Israel have informed that although the airspace is closed for flights in a considerable part of the country, the latter’s main airport is operating normally, despite the incident with the Iranian drone and the …

Saudi Arabia grants India approval for flights to Israel

Saudi Arabia has granted for the first time permission for Air India flights headed to Israel to use its airspace, the Israeli daily Haaretz reported. The decision, which will be implemented in March, means that the flights from New …

Israel responds to Hamas attack

Israeli Air Force aircraft attacked a Hamas position in the northern Gaza Strip this morning in response to a rocket attack several hours earlier, the army said. "The IDF sees the Hamas terror group as the sole party responsible …