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Damascus threatens to strike Tel Aviv

Syria might respond to an Israeli airstrike on Damascus Airport with a symmetric strike on Tel Aviv Airport, Permanent Representative of the Syrian Mission to the United Nations Bashar Jaafari said. Speaking at a UN …

Israel strikes Hamas targets in Gaza Strip

The Israel Air Force struck targets in the northern Gaza Strip yesterday, the Israeli army said. According to the statement, Israeli fighter jets bombed several targets at a Hamas training camp. "The strike was executed …

Netanyahu: Israel to harm any aggressor

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel "pounded" the Iranian sites in response to the missile attack and would not hesitate to respond again. "We don't allow such acts of aggression to …

Jerusalem sees first snow in four years

A winter storm hit Israel yesterday, bringing snow to Jerusalem and the Golan Heights and significant amounts of rain and wind in other parts of the country.  Stormy weather set in yesterday afternoon with the initial rain and hail …

Northern Israel sees record snowfall

Heavy snow fell overnight in the Hermon and northern Golan Heights regions in Israel. Nearly a meter of snow has accumulated on Mt. Hermon and the water levels in the Sea of Galilee have risen by at least 19.5 cm over two days, according to …

Pompeo discusses Syria troop withdrawal with Netanyahu

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo assured Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday that the planned withdrawal of US forces from Syriawould not change Washington’s commitments to the Jewish state. In his first public …

Israel attacks Hamas target in Gaza

The Israeli military has deployed a helicopter to attack Hamas positions in the southern Gaza Strip, in retaliation to an earlier rocket attack on Israeli territory. "In response, an IDF attack helicopter targeted a Hamas military …