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Netanyahu's first visit to Kazakhstan

The Israeli delegation headed by the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will arrive in Astana on December 14, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Israel in Kazakhstan Michael Brodsky …

Israeli Radio about activities of 'AzIz'

There was a one-hour program on the Israeli public radio, dedicated to the activities of the International Association Israel-Azerbaijan 'Aziz'. The 'Meet the community' program, which has introduced its …

Israeli air strike kills four Daesh-linked gunmen on Golan

Israeli aircraft killed four Daesh-linked gunmen on Sunday after they fired mortars and shot at troops patrolling along the occupied Golan Heights, the military said, Reuters reported. Israel has often responded to errant fire from the …

 Most wanted Australian terrorist arrested in Turkey

One of Australia's most wanted terrorists, Neil Prakash, has been arrested in Turkey months after a drone strike that was believed to have killed him in Iraq. His arrest by Australian and Turkish authorities has …

Azerbaijan to help Israel in fighting wildfires

Azerbaijan will send a fire-fighting plane to Israel in response to an appeal by the Israeli government for help in fighting wildfires raging through the country, the Emergency Situations Ministry of Azerbaijan said. The ministry …

7+7 Wonders of Azerbaijan

Israel has launched a project that introduces the history, architecture, natural resources and humanitarian values ​​of Azerbaijan