Kremlin dismisses accusations Russia in breach of INF treaty

 Kremlin dismisses accusations Russia in breach of INF treaty

The Kremlin sees US President Donald Trump’s instructions to draft a plan for more sanctions against Moscow over alleged violations of the INF treaty of 1987 as a pretext for imposing more sanctions, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

"It goes without saying that we do believe so. Russia has said more than once that we dismiss any accusations Russia is in breach of this treaty," he recalled.

Peskov said that "Russia strictly adheres to its obligations under this treaty and is determined to stand by its commitments, so such instructions cannot but cause bewilderment."

He added that Moscow would be waiting for substantive consequences of Trump’s instructions before considering retaliatory measures.

"Let us wait for some substantive effects of this instruction. Discussing anything hypothetically is hardly possible. We disagree with the very wording of this issue," he said.

"Washington’s obsession with sanctions is well-known and it cannot but make us feel regret," TASS cited Peskov as saying.