Merkel calls for unified European approach on migration

Merkel calls for unified European approach on migration

Europe needs a unified approach to migration that addresses the interests of each country, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said after a meeting with Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel.

The chancellor warned against any state pursuing unilateral actions, and said it was important to maintain a unified European approach.

“It’s very, very important to me that Germany also does not act unilaterally, but that everything we do is orderly, discussed, with agreements with others, so that we have a really unified European approach," Reuters cited Merkel as saying.

She said migration represented a significant challenge for Europe when it was in a "very fragile situation." "Europe must stick together," she said, acknowledging Italy’s concern that it had taken in many migrants but fellow EU countries were not showing sufficient solidarity.

"For me, the question of how we deal with the migration question is something of a litmus test for the future and the unity of Europe, and the interests of every country must be considered," Merkel added.