War in Syria has ended

War in Syria has ended

Syria is returning to peace, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in an interview with Trud newspaper, adding that only separate hotbeds of tension remain in the republic, TASS reports.

"The Syrian war has ended indeed. The country is returning to normal peaceful life gradually. Separate hotbeds of tension only remain on the territories uncontrolled by the Syrian government, for example, in Idlib and the eastern bank of Euphrates," he noted.

Lavrov emphasized that amid that background the tasks of "comprehensive humanitarian assistance to be provided to Syria and promotion of the political process on the crisis settlement for achieving reliable and long-term stability in the country, as well as in the Middle Eastern region overall" come to the fore.

"We believe that the formation and launch of the committee aimed at devising the constitutional reform will become an important stage of promoting the political process implemented by the Syrians themselves with the UN’s assistance," he said, adding that the move will provide the Syrian sides - the government and opposition - with an opportunity "to start a direct dialogue on the country’s future for the first time ever."

"Russia favors restoration of the sovereign Syria, the fight against the consequences of the wave of terrorism, the return of all Syrians to their native land and of the country itself to the ‘Arab family’, which is to ensure security and stability in the Middle East," the minister added.

As Andrei Baklanov, deputy chairman of the Association of Russian Diplomats, noted in an interview with Vestnik Kavkaza, the main military operation against the ISIS terrorist group (banned in the Russian Federation) as a quasi-state formation has been completed.

“At the same time, both Syrian armed forces and Russian troops have to make significant efforts to completely clear the land of Syria from various gangs. A large number of militants who don't lay down arms are concentrated in the Idlib area. At the end of the war, a number of unresolved military-political issues remain. They have to be resolved now. It's not clear where the remaining ISIS forces are concentrated, although the main task of destroying the group has been completed," he said.

“As for political process, it's just beginning, constitutional committee is being created, the issue of personnel has been almost resolved, but a couple of candidates still have to be approved. It’s still unclear how it will function, there's a very wide spread of opinions, and all participants have different points view," he noted.


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