‘Criminal and amoral’: Russian diplomat blasts Zelensky’s remarks on USSR ‘causing’ WWII

‘Criminal and amoral’: Russian diplomat blasts Zelensky’s remarks on USSR ‘causing’ WWII

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky’s comments that the USSR was ‘complicit’ in starting World War II are criminal and amoral, says Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, TASS reports.

"The statements made by President Zelensky who effectively equated the role of the Soviet Union with that of the Third Reich ‘in sparking World War II, which enabled the Nazis to launch their machine of death that was the Holocaust in motion,’ are beyond all boundaries," she insisted. "And after that the Ukrainian authorities ask themselves why their people don’t want to live with them in the same country?"

"Such statements exceed all boundaries in principle, they are a blatant betrayal of [Zelensky’s] own people," the diplomat emphasized. "To conjure up the same responsibility of the killer and the victim is criminal and amoral."

Zakharova also pointed to a recent comment by former Ukrainian President Leonid Kravchuk that Hitler and Stalin had allegedly met in Lvov at the onset of World War II.

"What are you taking out there? Are you insane? Is there anybody left in Ukraine, who can provide some basic books on the history of the Great Patriotic War, World War II?" Zakharova quipped with irony.

During his visit to Poland, Zelensky accused the USSR of 'causing' World War II along with Nazi Germany. According to Zelensky, Poland and the Polish people were the first to feel what he called a "conspiracy of totalitarian regimes," which led to the beginning of the war.

Earlier, speaking on Rossiya 1 TV channel, former President Kravchuk claimed that Hitler and Stalin had met in Lvov, but then backpedaled and admitted that he knew nothing about any documented evidence that this meeting had ever taken place.