100 days before US elections: Clinton or Trump?

100 days before US elections: Clinton or Trump?

The Presidential elections will be held in the United States in exactly 100 days from now on November 8th. The Americans will have to make a choice between the candidate of the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton, and her rival, the Republican Donald Trump, who represent different options for the future of their country, the influential US newspaper The Wall Street Journal writes.

Both challengers for the highest post represent to the voters such different ideas about the state, that they seem to be diametrically opposed. In connection with this, the publication compared the candidates’ opinions on the main issues of foreign and domestic policy.

"Trump has put forward the idea of ​​creating a new alliance with Russia, saying that a reset of relations is necessary in order to alleviate tensions in Syria and elsewhere. At the same time, Clinton characterized the relations with Russia as complex. As Secretary of State she worked on broad interaction between the two countries. However, at the end of her tenure as Secretary she privately sent a memorandum, warning President (Barack) Obama that relations with Russia had reached a low point and that the time for a reboot is in the past,’’ TASS cites the newspaper as reminding.

The approaches of both candidates towards US-China relations are no less complicated. Trump has criticized China from the very beginning of his campaign, describing the country as one of the US's main rivals, especially in the economic sphere, the Wall Street Journal writes, recalling that the billionaire has announced his intention to "expand the US military presence in the South China sea as a deterrent to China's territorial claims." In addition, he promised to tighten measures on the protection of US intellectual property and to resist attempts by Beijing to expand exports at the expense of subsidies.

For her part, Clinton has "constantly criticized China on the issue of the protection of human rights," but at the same time she believes that ‘’positive cooperative relationships’’ between the US and China have been created.

The most heated debates during the current campaign are around the problem of illegal immigration, the newspaper notes. Trump, the authors remind, "calls for the construction of a wall on the Mexican border stretching about 1600 km for US security, and  that Mexico must finance the construction." The billionaire also plans to revise the North American Free Trade Agreement, because Mexico, in his opinion, "gets a huge trade surplus." Clinton also called for radical migration reform, which could result in some of the illegal immigrants in the United States being able to acquire citizenship. At the beginning of the campaign, the former Secretary of State positively assessed the North American Free Trade Agreement, but has recently become more cautious in her statements.

According to the most recent nationwide poll conducted by the Reuters news agency and the research center Ipsos, Clinton is now ahead of her rival in the ratio of 41% to 35%.


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