Akhavnadzor residents stage “grape protests”

Akhavnadzor residents stage “grape protests”

The Yerevan-Meghri highway in the Vayots Dzor region of Armenia was blocked today by residents of the village of Akhavnadzor - they are protesting against low purchase prices for grapes. In total, up to 150 villagers took part in the protest.

Recall that the Proshyan brandy factory announced a reduction in purchase prices for Khardzhi grapes from 470 drams per 1 kg to 225 drams and ordered the Akhavnadzor residents to independently supply products to the base of the plant.

According to Sputnik-Armenia, farmers ask to keep the purchase price at least at the level of 300 drams per 1 kg, otherwise they will become bankrupts and will not be able to pay on loans. They have already asked the government for help, but have not received response yet.


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