American enlightened on Khojaly genocide - media

American enlightened on Khojaly genocide - media

American journalist Nurit Greenger wrote an article "In the Republic of Azerbaijan They Also Say 'Never Again'!" published in News Blaze.

The author wrote that on 26 February 1992, the Khojaly Massacre, the Khojaly tragedy, took place. In this horrendous tragedy some 600 innocent ethnic Azerbaijani civilians, among them some 300 women, children and elderly, from the Azerbaijan town of Khojaly, were murdered by Armenian armed forces. Approximately 1000 Azerbaijanis were captured by the invading Armenians and were held in torture camps.

The author stressed that according to the Azerbaijani side, as well as the Memorial Human Rights Center, Human Rights Watch and other international observers, the Massacre was committed by the ethnic Armenian armed forces, with the help of some military personnel of the 366th CIS regiment.

Armenia was not satisfied with the Khojaly Massacre, in 1994, 20% of Azerbaijan’s sovereign land became illegally occupied by Armenia. As a result of the conflict, as many as 800,000 Azerbaijanis have become Internally Displaced People (IDP) in their own country.

UN Security Council condemned this occupation and ethnic cleansing with four resolutions, demanding Armenian troops to withdraw from the areas of Azerbaijan they occupy. Till today, the UNSC resolutions were ignored by Armenia, and the UN did nothing to compel Armenia to implement these legally binding resolutions.

The author noted that in 2008, Leyla Aliyeva embarked on the 'Justice for Khojaly' campaign. This week, Azerbaijan Consul General Nasimi Aghayev held a commemoration evening dedicated to honor the victims of the Khojaly Massacre of 27 years ago, at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Los Angeles, the article reads.


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