Ancient cave discovered in Kutaisi

(с) Valery Varbakadze's Facebook
(с) Valery Varbakadze's Facebook

An accidental discovery in the Georgian city of Kutaisi has unveiled a cave that could date as far back as 50 thousand years.

The cave was discovered by Vakhtang Sikharulidze, a local psychiatrist, during a stroll with his dog earlier in the week.

"[To relieve stress from my work] I discharged a gun [in a remote location] and heard a strange echo of the shot. Following the sound, I came across an entrance to the cave. Realising I had found something special, I came back the next day with a friend and a photo camera," cited him as saying.

"[Coming back with speleologists,] we found a fifteen-metre-deep well leading down into the lower level of the cave that has a space similar to the upper level," Sikharulidze added.

"The cave could be of the Lower Cretaceous Period, thirty to fifty thousand years ago”, the speleologists Valeri Barbakadze and Gigo Oniani told Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.

The professionals are checking historical data on the cave in attempts to confirm their finding as the first discovery of the spot.



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