Ankara aims co-exploitation of gas resources in the Aegean

Ankara aims co-exploitation of gas resources in the Aegean

With its new “Blue Homeland” concept, Ankara suggests Turkey and Greece should  focus on co-exploitation of natural resources on the Aegean continental shelf, said Angelos Syrigos, an academic at Athens’ Panteion University, in Greek Daily Kathimerini’s English edition on Friday, Ahval News reported.

The exploitation of natural gas resources has been a source of tension in the eastern Mediterranean since last year, as all parties have stepped up their gas exploration and drilling efforts.

Turkey named it is largest naval drill in history, which started on Feb. 27 and ended on March 8, the “Blue Homeland”. According to Can Kasapoğlu, a defence analyst at the Istanbul-based Centre for Economics and Foreign Policy (EDAM), the drills indicated a new understanding which will give the Turkish Navy a more active role in energy geopolitics competition.

According to Syrigos, the notion of the Blue Homeland refers to a vast area expanding across half of the Eastern Mediterranean, including the continental shelves of Cyprus, Rhodes, Kastellorizo, Karpathos, Kassos and the eastern section of Crete.