Ankara 'deeply disappointed' by U.S. stance on pastor

Ankara 'deeply disappointed' by U.S. stance on pastor

Turkish Presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin expressed Turkey's deep disappointment over the U.S. stance on the detention of American pastor Andrew Brunson.

"If we are to mention any disappointment, we can say that Turkey is experiencing a deep disappointment in terms of its national interests," Kalin said at a weekly press briefing at the Presidential complex in Ankara.

"It is our expectation that the problems be solved as soon as possible. The U.S. administration must be respectful toward the judicial processes in Turkey," Anadolu agency cited the spokesman as saying.

Criticizing the U.S. administration, he said: "As they are taking relations with Turkey to a breaking point for one pastor, we have yet to see either the Obama or the Trump administration take any concrete steps towards Turkey’s rightful and urgent national security matters."

"For years they said 'We are with Turkey in combating PKK. We are, and will do instant intelligence sharing,’ but when we look if these pledges are carried out perceptibly we did not see a satisfactory-level of cooperation from them [U.S.]," Kalin stressed.


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