Arkady Zlochevsky: record harvest of grain possible in North Caucasus

Arkady Zlochevsky: record harvest of grain possible in North Caucasus

Despite the severe weather conditions in the North Caucasus this summer, a good harvest of grain is expected in the region, as well as in Russia as a whole, so there is no need to expect a rise in the bread price, the president of the Russian Grain Union, Arkady Zlochevsky, said. Moreover, he stressed that there are fears about the drop in grain prices, the correspondent of Vestnik Kavkaza reports.

Zlochevsky recalled that there were natural cataclysms in the Stavropol region this year, and there were many hailstones in the Caucasus, which affected some of the crop. "Of course, there are risks, but it does not mean that there will be no harvest," he pointed out.

"There will be harvest anyway, and it will be a good one. There will be a very large gross harvest, possibly even a record one, in the North Caucasus District and the Southern Federal District," the president of the Russian Grain Union predicted.

It provides protection against price increases. "The prices are currently growing, but it is insignificant and unlikely to continue. On the contrary, we hope that the prices will remain at the current level. The fact is that a very significant amount of harvest is expected in the southern regions of the country, in the North Caucasus, in particular. And it usually forces prices to decline," Arkady Zlochevsky said.

"We hope that it will be compensated both by the world market and other factors, so there will be no decline in prices. So, we expect that grain prices will be stable," he concluded.