Armenia car accident fatalities drop 43.2% in January

Armenia car accident fatalities drop 43.2% in January

A total of 299 traffic accidents were recorded in Armenia in January 2019, which is 7.6% more, as compared with January of last year; but this indicator has dropped by about one-third, as compared with December 2018.

According to the Statistical Committee, although the number of road accidents has increased this past January, the number of fatal such accidents has dropped considerably. Correspondingly, 21 people in Armenia died of car accidents in January 2019, but this is 43.2% less than the respective January 2018 indicator, reports.

Instead, however, the number of injured in traffic accidents has increased by 17% and made up 468 people.

The number of deaths from car accidents has dropped also, as compared to December 2018, by  38.2%, and the number of injured has decreased by 15.8%.