Armenia's Pashinyan says to resign

 Armenia's Pashinyan says to resign

Armenia's Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said yesterday he will resign after his orders to dismiss Cabinet ministers come into force.

"Once my orders to dismiss government ministers and governors enter legally into force, after that - I don’t mention a specific term - I will resign. After 7 days, the parliament must elect a prime minister, if the prime minister is not elected, there will be a second round. If the parliament does not elect a new prime minister again, then early parliamentary elections will be held," the PM said, presenting the sequence of his steps.

"If it turns out that the people are in favor of holding early parliamentary elections, it means that we and the people can prevent the parliament from electing a new prime minister," ARKA cited him as saying.

Pashinyan also added that after his resignation he will continue to fulfill his duties as head of government.

"During that period nothing will happen - not a single leaf, not a single car, not a single bush, not a single deputy, not a single tree will be damaged. I will go to the National Assembly to hold talks with the deputies and representatives of the political forces to overcome the situation," he added.


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