Armenia's prosecutor general: Kocharyan’s pretrial detention necessary

Armenia's prosecutor general: Kocharyan’s pretrial detention necessary

The Armenian prosecutor general’s office finds it necessary to keep former Armenian president Robert Kocharyan in detention at the current stage of investigation, Prosecutor General Arthur Davtyan said.

Davtyan noted that he personally has filed motion to court with appropriate argumentation. The Prosecutor General also said he has been present at yesterday’s court session, since he has found it necessary to describe all the problems personally and intends to be present  at today’s court session.

"I think today we will go to the enquiry, and we will present either our stance on the key charge or our detention-related arguments. Today’s evidential base on the March 1 case differs from that of 2008," ARKA cited him as saying.

"The received evidence gives absolutely different information, and in these conditions, the charges launched against Kocharyan don’t contradict the court acts based on the evidence obtained in 2008," Davtyan added,

The prosecutor general said the new evidence will lead to revision of particular court conclusions related to this case. 

Kocharyan was arrested on July 27 for two months by a local court. He was charged with violating Armenia constitutional order in March 2008, when in a post-election standoff eight civilians and two police officers were killed. Later, Kocharyan was released from custody on travel restrictions, after Armenia’s Court of Appeals ruled that he could not be prosecuted for the post-election violence.


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