Armenian MP Manvel Grigoryan's supporters clash with police

Armenian MP Manvel Grigoryan's supporters clash with police

The friends and supporters of the president of the Yerkrapah Volunteers Union(YVU), MP Manvel Grigoryan are holding a protest action near the building of the Armenian National Security Service (NSS), reports.

Manvel Grigoryan's adviser Vardan Vardanyan told Armenian News - that Grigoryan does not admit his guilty and demands immediate release.

It should be noted that Grigoryan's supporters clashed with the police near the building of the NSS.

Earlier, Armenian National Security Service (NSS) detained MP, General Manvel Grigoryan and crime boss Artur Asatryan (aka Don Pipo). Both were detained in Etchmiadzin during a NSS operation on Saturday, NSS said in a statement.  

According to the statement, the National Security Service officers conducted simultaneous searches within the framework of two criminal cases. 

The house and summer cottage of MP Manvel Grigoryan were searched. The officers found large quantity of illegal arms and ammunition. The deputy was detained on suspicion of purchasing and possessing illegal firearms and ammunition. President of Armenia was informed about the detention of the deputy, according to Article 96 of the Constitution.

The house of Artur Asatryan was also searched within the framework of an abduction case. Asatryan allegedly abducted the individuals who planned to kill him. Illegal firearms and ammunition were found during the search. Four other individuals who are Russia nationals were detained in the case as well.