Armenian PM asks citizens to stop protests

Armenian PM asks citizens to stop protests

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has asked his country fellows to stop all protests and actions of civil disobedience. 

Pashinyan explained that the nation-wide protests he had spearheaded in April and early May were backed by the people’s conviction that the then authorities ignored the demands of the people and were reluctant to solve their problems. "But now the question is who are all these actions of disobedience against?"  Pashinyan wrote on his Facebook page.

He expressed hope that citizens understand that it is impossible to solve all the problems overnight. The head of government proposed also his own option of solving the problems that force people to block roads and take to the streets.

The head of the Armenian government also said that the number of protests, the large number of letters already submitted to the government, indicate that there are a great many problems in the country, however, they need time to solve them. He is convinced that it is also necessary to classify these problems and on their basis create an agenda, and then gradually, step by step, follow the path of their solution.

The PMalso stressed that he appeals to those who conduct civil disobedience actions not to sabotage the activities of the new government.

"If there are those who conduct actions of civil disobedience with the aim of sabotaging our activities, we will solve the problem differently. We should seriously tackle this issue and understand what to do next," ARKA cited Pashinyan as saying.