Armenian authorities lead country's economy to the collapse?

Armenian authorities lead country's economy to the collapse?

Since 2013, official statistics showed Armenia's economic growth every year, i.e. the gross domestic product steadily increased. However, the international financial institutions were based on other indicators.

"The matter is that our official statistics show GDP change exclusively in Armenian drams. For example, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has recently published a certificate according to which the volume of our economy is calculated solely in terms of dollars snd we get a very different situation," "Haykakan Zhamanak" informs.

In accordance with it, in 2015 when the official statisticians of Armenia 3 percent of economic growth was announced in Armenia the real decline in the economy was 9.3%. If in 2014 the country's GDP was $11 billion 644 million, in 2015 this figure fell to $10 billion 561 million.

Chairman of the Armenian Union of Employers Gagik Makaryan announced even more dismal data. According to his estimations, last year 10,029 companies in the country terminated their activity, and former employees went abroad to earn money for their lives .

"The number of people leave Armenia for Russia still remains high despite difficulties and inflation in Russia. Unfortunately, this number has not reduced,’’ Makaryan said.

Draft Tax Code of Armenia confirmed that the authorities continue the policy of eliminating of small and medium-sized enterprises, entrepreneurs consider.

A ‘Vestnik Kavkazacorrespondent’ interviewed the head of the parliamentary faction of the Armenian National Congress Aram Manukyan, Armenia's economy is now in a very bad, almost pre-default. 

"Default is a serious threat. In 2014 our GDP it was $ 11.5 billion. In 2015 it became $10.5 billion, decreasing by $1 billion. In 2014 our debt amounted to $ 4.4 billion. During a year it increased by $5.4 billion. It turns out that we have the negative balance about $2 billion, which is around 75% of our annual budget,’’ the MP complained.

"During eight years our national debt increased by 3.5 times. And it is quite a dangerous dynamics. And who will return our debts? Our economy is not developing and we have no investments. No one can say how we are going to return these debts. Every time the parliament bring debts I and our faction always votes against it,’’ the head of the ANC faction said.



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