Assad explains why ISIS attacked Palmyra

Assad explains why ISIS attacked Palmyra

ISIS terrorist group has attacked Palmyra in response to a successful advance of the Syrian government army in Aleppo, the Syrian President Bashar Assad said.

"Because ISIS, if you look at the timing of their attack is related to what is happening in Aleppo. This is the response to what is happening in Aleppo, an advancement of the Syrian army and they wanted to make this, let’s say to underline the victory in Aleppo, and at the same time to distract the Syrian army from Aleppo to make it move toward Palmyra and start the advancement but of course we did," Sputnik cited Assad as saying.

On Monday, Palmyra was captured by ISIS militants which pushed out the Syrian army. 

Earlier this week, the Russian President's spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that the threat of Palmyra's loss is damaging to the entire civilized world, not only Syria and Russia.


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