Azerbaijan celebrates 100th anniversary of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic

Azerbaijan celebrates 100th anniversary of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic

Azerbaijan is celebrating the 100th anniversary of establishment of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic.

The 20th century became known in history not only as the age of science and technology, but also as the age of liberation from colonization and establishment of national states. The 1917 Russian Revolution put an end to the Russian Empire. On May 28, 1918, the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan was founded. The Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan was the first democratic republic in the East. It was a parliamentary state, had a flag, an anthem and an army. ADR existed only 23 months. On April 28, 1920 the Bolshevik 11th Red Army occupied Azerbaijan and the republic collapsed. 

During the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, the parliament held 155 meetings. 10 meetings were held by the Azerbaijan National Council (May 27-November 19, 1918) and 145 – by the parliament of Azerbaijan (December 7, 1918 – April 27, 1920).

More than 270 draft laws were discussed by the parliament and 230 of them were adopted. Members of the parliament represented in 11 factions and groups participated in the elaboration, discussion and approval of the legislation. 11 commissions were working at the parliament.

Azerbaijan Democratic Republic reached great achievements in the short period of its history. It was the first republic given voting right to the women and securing the equality between men and women. A great work has been done in the spheres of national army building, issuing national currency, establishing national bank, democratization, free elections, international relations and recognition of the independence of Azerbaijan by the international community, securing the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, conducting economic reforms and other fields.

The founding day of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic is celebrated as the national holiday of Azerbaijan, it is non-working day in the country.

By order of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, the monument was erected in honor of ADR in the center of Baku.

Ilham Aliyev has visited the memorial in honor of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic on the Istiglaliy