Azerbaijani civil society urges EP to respond to Mher Yeghiazaryan's death

Azerbaijani civil society urges EP to respond to Mher Yeghiazaryan's death

Azerbaijan-Slavic Youth Association has sent a letter of protest to the European Parliament over its biased approach.

"Armenia’s political party leader and political prisoner Mher Yeghiazaryan died in prison on January 26, after a 52-day hunger strike in Armenia. However, neither the PACE, the European Parliament, nor the OSCE, the US Senate, nor any other international organization have ever reacted to his death as a result of his hunger strike. Even this is not the case with the world’s popular media. The fact is that Yeghiazaryan’s arrest was purely political, and he died as a political prisoner in hunger strike," the letter reads.

"This is one of the indications that political landscape in Armenia is in chaos. International organizations are ignoring it. Why the Council of Europe, the US Senate, and other organizations, who make the arrests of Mehman Huseynov arrested for non-political reasons, or rather the issue of domestic affairs, declare him a “political prisoner”, and why they are silent about the political prisoner who died in Armenia? In general, international organizations are silent instead of adopting a relevant resolution condemning this terrible event in Armenia," the letter says.

"Family members of the party leader who died in prison have repeatedly appealed to international organizations and held a press conference on this issue. Nevertheless, there was no reaction to the incident. It was also confirmed that Yeghiazaryan was not a criminal and was arrested for political reasons. They repeatedly asked Pashinyan to intervene in this criminal case, but he didn’t intervene in any form. All these processes have proven how politically motivated the case is, and if so, the silence of international organizations is simply a pity," the statement says.

"As a member of a civil society, we feel regrettable that a reputable organization such as yours applies dual standards, before it’s too late, we demand a legal and political assessment of the event for justice. Fairness is the fundamental principle of civil society," the letter added.