Benjamin Netanyahu hospitalized in Israel

Benjamin Netanyahu hospitalized in Israel

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was taken to a hospital yesterday where he was diagnosed with a mild viral illness of the upper respiratory system, according to officials with the hospital and the Prime Minister's office.

Netanyahu was released early Wednesday after a series of exams, officials said.

He had been taken to Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem because he had a high fever and coughs, CNN reported with reference to Netanyahu's office.

The statement said the Prime Minister's personal physician, Dr. Tzvi Herman Berkovich, thinks Netanyahu did not complete the period of rest needed for full recuperation since his illness two weeks ago, and his symptoms worsened. Berkovich went with the Prime Minister to the hospital, where Netanyahu was treated by the medical staff.

Doctors recommended rest and medicine for the Prime Minister, officials said.

On Monday, Netanyahu, his wife and son were questioned for about 4½ hours in an ongoing corruption investigation.


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