Boxing legend Mayweather and Kadyrov talk Russian citizenship

Boxing legend Mayweather and Kadyrov talk Russian citizenship

Ramzan Kadyrov seemingly has a knack for rubbing elbows with sporting greats, with undefeated boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. the latest big personality to engage the Chechen leader. With both men sporting sizeable fortunes, it appears the pair bonded during Mayweather’s visit to Grozny and Kadyrov let slip that the US boxing legend has his sights on Russian citizenship, RT writes.

In a video posted to Telegram, the pair joked around, with Mayweather Jr. no doubt enjoying retirement after defeating last opponent Conor McGregor, inducting Kadyrov into his exclusive ‘Money Team.’ The boxer, who prides himself on the enormous wealth he has amassed during his glittering career, refers to his close knit entourage as the ‘Money Team.’

“Everybody that’s on Instagram you better follow this man right here, this is my buddy, this is my guy right here, and yes, he is a part of the Money Team. I’m in Chechnya right now. I’m worldwide with this,” Mayweather Jr said in video posted online by Kadyrov.

Referring to their exchanges, Kadyrov said the pair swapped stories about boxing and sports development in Chechnya. Kadyrov also let boxing fans in on the revelation that Mayweather is apparently considering setting up camp in Russia. Although it’s unclear for how long. “We had a warm conversation about boxing and the prospects of its development in Chechnya, Russia and all over the world. His experience, namely fifty victories in fifty fights are worth a lot,”Kadyrov wrote on his Telegram channel.

“But most importantly, Mayweather spoke of his desire to obtain Russian citizenship,” Kadyrov added.


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