Bus plunges into pedestrian underpass in Moscow

Bus plunges into pedestrian underpass in Moscow

Five people died and more than 15 others were injured as the bus has driven into a pedestrian underpass near the Slavyansky Bulvar metro station in Moscow, a source in the city emergencies services said.

The accident occurred in a busy area near the Slavyansky Bulvar metro station when a large number of people were in the underpass.

The Interior Ministry’s press service in Moscow has confirmed the death of four people in the accident.

The circumstances of the crash are currently being investigated. The driver of the bus has been detained.

Rescuers and firefighters are working on the scene. One of three medical helicopters to evacuate the wounded persons arrived to the crash side.

According to the source, there are two main reasons for the crash: either the bus or another car cut it off or the brakes on the bus failed, while a terrorist act is not considered as the possible cause for the accident. 

The mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin, expressed condolences to the relatives of people that have been killed in the crash and stated that authorities are providing necessary urgent assistance to those injured. The mayor has vowed to conduct a "thorough" probe into the deadly accident.