Chase Carey: Formula 1 Group to develop fruitful cooperation with Baku

 Chase Carey: Formula 1 Group to develop fruitful cooperation with Baku

Formula 1 Group cooperates productively with Baku and plans to further develop this cooperation, the Chief Executive Officer of Formula 1 Group Chase Carey said at the conference, titled 'Benefits of Hosting Major Sports Events in 2018', held in the Heydar Aliyev Center in Baku.

He stressed that Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix held in Baku last year was very exciting.

"We will try to make this year’s race more exciting and higher quality. We have a unique race. We would like to turn each race into a one-week festivity, a tradition. We would like to feel the full spirit of race in such cities as Montreal, Milan and Baku," the CEO noted.

Carey added that they work to promote Baku in the world, recalling that thousands of people watch this race live and millions of fans watch it through mass media.

"We seek to share this exciting experience with a bigger audience. The races held in Baku were broadcast in various countries. This is important to convey the peculiarity of each Grand Prix. We must also inform people about the history of the race. We expand geographically. We would like to bring this sport to different parts of the world. We plan to create a big platform to promote Baku in the world. It is necessary to expand our broadcasts and to reach more people. Through this platform the whole world can learn about Baku and visit it," he explained.