Children's shopping mall catches fire in Moscow

Children's shopping mall catches fire in Moscow

The Persei shopping mall has caught fire in Moscow's east today, killing one and injuring three people.

The fire was extinguished, The fire covered 80 square meters. Three firefighters were injured, Ilya Denisov, who heads the Moscow branch of the emergency services, said.

20 people were saved from the burning building, as well as 600 people were evacuated, the Russian emergency services source said. 

The fire started on the fourth floor of the building located on Semenovskaya Street, 28-19.

"The fire was given the 2nd rank of complexity, there are injured, visitors are evacuated by the rescue ladder," Sputnik cited a source in the local emergency services as saying.

Earlier it was reported that the fireman can not reach the heart of the fire yet due to the shopping mall's configuration.

An emergency services source also said that two KA-32 helicopters are ready to extinguish a fire in the shopping mall.

Video on social media showed thick black smoke rising from the blue mall building. According to multiple reports, the blaze began in a toys stockroom on the fourth floor. There is the children's club Afina on the 4th floor.