Crimean ombudswoman: Ukrainian seamen held in good conditions

Crimean ombudswoman: Ukrainian seamen held in good conditions

Servicemen from Ukrainian warships detained in the Kerch Strait are held in good conditions, human rights ombudswoman in Crimea Lyudmila Lubina said.

"I know that all servicemen are held in good conditions - in warmth and with enough food," the human rights ombudswoman said, adding that they have not received any complaints from servicemen and their relatives yet.

They are accused of a state crime of violating territorial integrity. Investigators will decide their fate: who is guilty - the whole crew or only the ship's captain, who gave orders," TASS cited her as saying. "There is a Ukrainian law that states that orders that violate the law can be ignored," Lubina explained, adding that all servicemen are currently in the status of suspects.

On November 25, three warships of the Ukrainian Navy violated the rules of passage through Russia's territorial waters en route from the Black Sea to the Azov Sea. The Russian side had to use weapons to compel the ships to stop. Three Ukrainian servicemen were lightly wounded. They received medical assistance. The ships were detained and escorted to the port of Kerch. A criminal case was initiated on border violation charges.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov described the incident as a provocation.