Dagestan celebrates Solidarity Day of Peoples

Dagestan celebrates Solidarity Day of Peoples

Residents of Dagestan are celebrating the Solidarity Day of Peoples of the Republic today.

The Solidarity Day of Dagestani Peoples was set in 2010. The September 15th is a day of victory of Dagestan over the Iranian troops of Nadir Shah in 1741.

The head of the republic Ramazan Abdulatipov congratulated the residents of the republic.

"The unity of Dagestani peoples is an undeniable value, the basis of existence and development of our multi-ethnic and multi-religious republic, which has absorbed many different traditions and customs. The unity of  Dagestani peoples is necessary to unite and mobilize all Dagestan people to the severe crisis in the republic, to fight ignorance and backwardness, corruption and shadow economy, terrorism and extremism," Abdulatipov stressed.

The head of Dagestan said that the path to the republic's prosperity is through the preservation of unity and civic solidarity, care for the traditions and spiritual values.

The Deputy head of the Russian Presidential Administration Magomedsalam Magomedov also congratulated Dagestani people.

"I am convinced that thanks to the joint fruitful work to develop to intercultural dialogue the glorious traditions of friendship and mutual assistance will be multiplied. I wish you all health and happiness, peace and success for many years!" Magomedov said.