Dmitry Zhuk: Belarus would like to receive information directly from South Caucasus

Dmitry Zhuk: Belarus would like to receive information directly from South Caucasus

Today the studio of Vestnik Kavkaza was visited by the Director General of the Belarusian Telegraph Agency BelTA, Dmitry Zhuk, who arrived in Russia to attend the Forum of European and Asian Media (FEAM-2015) titled 'Sustainable partnership in an unstable world'. Dmitry Zhuk spoke about the information wars against the former Soviet Union and the attention paid by the Belarusian media to the events in Caucasus.

In the first place, he noted that Belarus is actively interested in news from the republics of the South Caucasus. "Our people would like to receive information directly from these countries, and not through the prism of the media of third countries. Recently we followed the parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan through Trend and AzerTaс, and an absolutely normal civilized, transparent and open electoral process was shown there, and when we have compared it with the estimates of other countries' mass media, we saw a certain dissonance. I'll tell you more, as the Western media writes about all our elections under a tracing paper, it turned out to be a projection, because it does not matter where the elections are held, in Azerbaijan, Belarus or Kazakhstan," Dmitry Zhuk stressed.

"All the main Russian television channels are broadcast in Belarus, and Ukrainian television channels are broadcast in the south of the country, so that we have a unique opportunity to hear both sides, if we are talking about the information conflict over Ukraine. Plus, the European channels are also broadcast here," he said.

Returning to the South Caucasian issues, the BelTA CEO spoke about the broadcasting of the First European Games in Baku in the Belarusian media. "For example, we sent photojournalists and writer sports reporters to Baku, and when they came back, they said that it is a chic European city. "This is probably the most important assessment. The fact that the Games were held at a high level was expected, because Azerbaijan had already held the Eurovision Song contest. But the fact that Baku is a European city, which is much better than many European cities, had the greatest effect," Dmitry Zhuk said.

He praised FEAM-2015 as a remarkable site, "where you can meet and talk with partners, colleagues and friends." The effectiveness of its work depends on the will of everyone who takes part in it. At the same time, people are cooperating, finding common interests and topics for discussion and sharing information, photo and video stories. That is, everything depends on the desire," the Director General of the Belarusian Telegraph Agency BelTA concluded.


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