Does Ukraine want to destroy Russia using sanctions?

Does Ukraine want to destroy Russia using sanctions?

Russia must be "crushed" by sanctions, just like the Soviet Union was destroyed by them at one time, George Tuka, Deputy Minister for the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons of Ukraine, said.

"I want to increase pressure on Russia, impose more sanctions against Russia, destroy Russian economy, and take more decisive actions in this direction. We all have a wonderful example: at one time there was a largest empire in the world (the Soviet Union) that was destroyed this way without a single shot, it was destroyed and doesn't exist - without a single shot, simply through sanctions," Tuka said.

Later he added that in addition to sanctions, "a number of other factors, including the arms race," lead to the collapse of the USSR.

Commenting on this statement, member of the Federation Council's International Affairs Committee, Sergey Tsekov, said that sanctions weren't the reason for the collapse of the USSR, the absence of consolidation of society was. Russia, on the contrary, is united against the background of external pressure.

"Yes, sanctions are bad, but in these four years we showed the entire world that we're dealing with them very successfully, rebuilding our economy and moving forward," senator said.

"Restrictive measures create problems for everyone, including for Ukraine itself," senator added.


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