EU may delay Brexit again

EU may delay Brexit again

The European Union is ready to allow the United Kingdom to delay Brexit once again, pending the results of a second referendum.

According to Brussels officials, the UK could be given some time to hold a general election or hold another referendum to get a majority for the withdrawal agreement, the Independent reported.

"One is if there is a general election. All of us speculate about what that changes, but we are a democracy and we respect democratic procedures so it would be," the newspaper cited the official as saying.

The official added that there is no final decision yet, and the member nations' leaders would issue a final verdict at a 10 April summit. "And then the less defined one: if there is some sort of plan for a political process that can lead to, if not a political consensus, then at least a workable majority. That, and I should underline it, cannot involve any reopening of the withdrawal agreement," he stressed.

Recently, the House of Commons rejected UK Prime Minister Theresa May's deal for the third time, and the EU responded by calling for a summit on 10 April.

The European Union has given the United Kingdom until April 12 to determine alternative withdrawal arrangements, or leave without an accord on that date.


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