Earthquake hits China, tremors reach Kazakhstan

Earthquake hits China, tremors reach Kazakhstan

A 6.5-magnitude earthquake struck China’s autonomous region of Xinjiang, with tremors reportedly felt in neighboring Kazakhstan.

The quake rocked an area near the town of Jinghe in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region at 23:27 GMT on Tuesday, the US Geological Survey reported. The quake, which the USGS revised down to 6.3, reportedly hit at a depth of 25.9 km.

The quake occurred some 107 kilometers southeast of Dostyq, a town in Kazakhstan’s Almaty Region on the border with China, RT reported.

The impact could be felt in another Kazakh city of Zharkent, located 226.7 km from the epicenter.

Residents of Almaty, located some 490 kilometers from the epicenter, were also shaken by the quake.

Almaty’s emergency services said that when the quake jolted the city it felt like a 4-magnitude tremor and did not cause any casualties or damage to critical infrastructure.