Emin Garibov: Artistic Gymnastics World Cup in Baku was greatest work of AGF

Emin Garibov: Artistic Gymnastics World Cup in Baku was greatest work of AGF

The Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation organizes international tournaments at an unprecedentedly high level, the European champion, captain of the Russian national artistic gymnastics team Emin Garibov said, speaking with the correspondent of Vestnik Kavkaza following the Artistic Gymnastics World Cup in Baku, which ended yesterday.

"I have never seen such competitions as in Baku. I was met at the airport, as soon as I flew to Baku, I was immediately accredited and taken to the hotel, everything was as it should be. I mean, an organization was at the highest level. The competition conduction was very interesting, in particular, the entertainment moments of the competition: to keep the audience entertained, they are constantly engage in something. In general, I liked everything very much," he stressed.

"For example, it was interesting when the athletes went out to the arena to the national music - the organizers were able to show the national culture of the countries participating in the tournament. We hope that in the future the whole gymnastics will become more interesting and understandable for the audience, and such moments will attract viewers," Emin Garibov added.

"What is being done at the World Cup stage is the greatest work of a well-coordinated team acting as a single mechanism, hence the result - such a chic competition," the captain of the Russian national gymnastics team concluded.

The FIG Artistic Gymnastics World Cup was held in Baku on March 16-19. Athletes from 23 countries competed for 10 medal sets.


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