Erdogan: Turkey and US should clarify number of issues

Erdogan: Turkey and US should clarify number of issues

Ankara and Washington should take immediate steps to re-evaluate the strategic framework of bilateral ties after Donald Trump took the helm as the new US president, the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said. 

“My wish is to meet Mr. Trump without much delay. On the top issues we’ll raise when we’ll meet will be making a fresh assessment of the Turkey-US relationship within a strategic concept. Are our strategic ties running healthily now? No. We should make them healthy,” the Hurriyet Daily cited Erdogan as saying.

One of the most important issues will be the Middle East as the Turkish-US partnership in the region needs to be healthy, Erdogan said. “We are two NATO countries but it can’t be said that our current level of solidarity befits NATO countries. Of course, in that regard, we will also have the chance to learn better what Mr. Trumps meant with his recent statements on NATO.” 

Another important issue between Turkey and the US is the need to further improve the economic relationship, particularly in the field of the defense industry, Erdogan said.


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