Erdogan: Turkey to boycott US electronic products

Erdogan: Turkey to boycott US electronic products

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Turkey will boycott electronic products from the U.S., which has imposed sanctions and raised tariffs against Ankara in a dispute about the detention of an American evangelical pastor.

Speaking at a symposium in Ankara, Erdogan said Turkish businesses must continue to produce and export the country's own goods.

"We will boycott US electronic products. If they have iPhone, the other side has Samsung. In our country there is Venus, Vestel," the Guardian cited him as saying.

"We are going to produce enough for ourselves. We have to serve better quality goods than we are importing from them," Erdogan added.

He said he had been taking necessary measures regarding the economy, amid a slide in the lira currency exacerbated by the dispute with Washington, but it was important to keep a firm political stance. The Turkish president added that switching to foreign currency would mean giving in to the enemy.

Erdogan warned the White House that those who waged "economic warfare" against Turkey would pay a price.