Erdogan: Turkish army to besiege Afrin

 Erdogan: Turkish army to besiege Afrin

Turkey's military will soon lay siege to Afrin city in northern Syria as a new phase of 'Operation Olive Branch' begins, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, addressing his lawmakers at the parliament.

"Preparations in the field take some time. In the coming days, we will lay seige to Afrin city. It’s very important that everywhere we go should remain secure," Hurriyet Daily cited Erdogan as saying.

The president noted that Turkey’s operation is advancing slowly because of the army’s sensitivity regarding avoiding civilian casualties.

"Thanks to the siege, the YPG will have no room for bargaining with the Syrian regime," he stressed, referring to news reports that the YPG would leave Afrin to Damascus.

According to Erdogan, the siege would also result in cutting all assistance provided to the YPG in Afrin.