Erdogan threatens cutting ties with Israel over Jerusalem

 Erdogan threatens cutting ties with Israel over Jerusalem

Washington's potential recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel could prompt the cutting of Turkey's diplomatic relations with Israel, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said.

'Jerusalem is a red line for Muslims,' Erdogan said in a raucous televised speech to his ruling party.

'It is a violation of international law to take a decision supporting Israel while Palestinian society's wounds are still bleeding. This can go as far as severing Turkey's ties with Israel. I am warning the United States not to take such a step which will deepen the problems in the region," Reuters cited Erdogan as saying.

The President warned that if such a move was made to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital, he would summon a summit of the OIC in Istanbul within five to ten days 'and we would set the entire Islamic world in motion'.

Erdogan's comments came after the White House said US President Donald Trump would miss a deadline to decide on shifting the embassy from Tel Aviv, after a frantic 48 hours of public warnings from allies and world leaders.