Europe to start Syrian campaign

Europe to start Syrian campaign

European countries are increasingly joining the operation against militants of the terrorist organization Daesh in Syria.

Until now the only EU country participating in airstrikes against extremists in Syria was France, since September 27th. French pilots intensified their bombardments after the November terrorist attacks in Paris, when responsibility for the actions were taken by the terrorist group.

On Thursday night sanction to use military forces in Syria was given by the British Parliament. After a few hours the first targets were hit by the Air Force of the United Kingdom.

It became known today that the Bundestag Bundeswehr confirmed participation in the Syrian operation.

A correspondent of Vestnik Kavkaza interviewed Russian experts about the consequences after the joining of
the campaign by Europe.

The editor-in-chief of the National Defense magazine, Igor Korotchenko, assumed that the activation can be explained by "the fact that these countries understand that Russia took the initiative after the beginning of military operations in Syria." "Certainly, a lot of things depend on Russia and it can determine the future of Syria. Therefore, the current situation can be compared with the second front in 1944 during the war with Nazi Germany, when those who wished to take part in the post-war future of Europe took that decision due to the necessity to establish their zone of influence. Now the situation is the same. They want to participate in operations in Syria in order to have a right to participate in determining its future structure and destiny,'' he said.

The military correspondent of Komsomolskaya Pravda Viktor Baranez described the actions of the European countries as "convulsive-conformist". "Actually, in expressing their readiness to participate in the fight against Daesh, both the United Kingdom, and Germany remind me of people led to the front by force under the threat of execution. They, like other countries, don't want to participate in this war where only pilots have a chance of survival," he said.

"All the constructiveness is a product of the unclear position expressed by the US, which initially completely rejected a ground operation, but then took a decision through clenched teeth, as Kerry did yesterday, saying there is a need to carry out a ground operation. Remember how many times Barack Obama changed his fundamental approaches to the events in Syria. He said that he was ready to participate, together with Russia and other countries in the fight against Daesh, but on the condition that Assad would resign. Only after that would they fight ISIS. After some time the White House suddenly makes a statement that Assad's removal is not a priority. How can we build any serious coalition relations with the government?" Baranez said.


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