Explosion on metro in Russia's St Petersburg

Explosion on metro in Russia's St Petersburg

An explosion on the metro in St Petersburg has ripped through a train carriage causing carnage. 

"Today, around 14:40 Moscow time (11:40 GMT), an unidentified device exploded in a tunnel between Tekhnologichesky Institut and Sennaya Ploshchad stations of the St. Petersburg metro. The blast caused casualties and fatalities," a NCC source said.

According to Tass agency, preliminary information suggests that 10 people have died in the explosion and 50 people have been injured.

The blast is said to have involved a device filled with shrapnel, Interfax said

A spokesman for the regional department of Russia’s Emergencies Ministry said it was checking reports on the smoke in the metro. "There is a complaint about the smoke, the staff members are going to the scene," he said.

All the metro stations in the city have been closed following the blast at 15:40 (MSK).

Security measures have been enhanced at St. Petersburg’s airport Pulkovo following an explosion at the city metro, the airport’s press service said.

The Moscow metro said it was taking unspecified additional security measures in case of an attack there.


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