FIFA to extend 2019-2020 season indefinitely

FIFA to extend 2019-2020 season indefinitely

FIFA are reportedly set to extend the 2019/20 season indefinitely, handing domestic leagues the power to decide their own fate in the coronavirus pandemic.

Plans to alter the summer transfer window and dates regarding contract extensions are also to be announced in the coming 48 hours.

According to The Athletic, the decision over whether or not to cancel the Premier League season will, therefore, be made in England.

Whether that means taking the final matches abroad, behind closed doors or waiting longer to ensure fans can attend is now likely to be the main topic of discussion.

That is because the pressure of a particular date or guideline forcing the hand of major leagues to finish the season will not be present.

In addition, cup competitions are in their latter stages and both the Champions League and Europa League have several matches that must be fit in.