Farid Gaibov: I congratulate everyone with Marina Nekrasova’s medal at FIG Artistic Gymnastics World Cup in Baku!

Farid Gaibov: I congratulate everyone with Marina Nekrasova’s medal at FIG Artistic Gymnastics World Cup in Baku!

Vice President of the European Union of Gymnastics, Secretary General of the Federation of Gymnastics of Azerbaijan, Farid Gaibov, in a conversation with the correspondent of Vestnik Kavkaza congratulated all Azerbaijani gymnastics fans  with the medal, won today by Marina Nekrasova in free exercises at the World Cup in artistic gymnastics in Baku.

"We are very pleased with the medal. It was won at the last moment, it even reminded me the European Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship in Belarus, where our other Marina, Marina Durunda, also took the medal in exercise with the ribbon at the last moment. That time, we also participated in all disciplines, but exactly the last performance of Marina Durunda, which ended the European Championship, brought us a medal. There was something similar here, because free exercises of Marina Nekrasova were the last performance of our team at the World Cup, and again, we received a medal, " Farid Gaibov noted.

"Of course, we are happy, because we waited for this medal and worked all together - coaches and gymnasts - over it." A lot of people were preparing for this World Cup, so I congratulate all of them, as the work was not in vain. I congratulate all the gymnastics fans of Azerbaijan and those, who visited the tournament, and those who did not have an opportunity to come, with this medal,’’ the Secretary General of AGF stressed.

According to him, people who work in the Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation can be proud today. "I am very proud of our team. I am even told, that some people envy the level of work of the AGF, I hope it's white envy. Again, we hosted the international competitions at a very high level, and we will continue to work the same way, because it can not be otherwise. All the conditions are created for this, so every time we are trying to do something new and we will continue to work that way,’’ Farid Gaibov said.

The Vice-President of UEG drew attention to the fact, that for the moment the AGF has passed such a significant development path that it has become an example for other federations . ”During these 15 years we have reached such a level, that other federations can borrow our experience, I see it, when I come to various competitions." Those new things that we come up with, are also borrowed. Today I was asked: ‘’Tell us, please, who invents all of this?’’ I was not able to name a specific person, because we are doing it all together, then, I was told that we have an excellent base, on which everyone should learn," concluded the Secretary General of the Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation.

Recall, that the FIG Artistic Gymnastics World Cup is being held on March 16-19 in Baku at the National Gymnastics Arena. Athletes from 23 countries compete for 10 medal sets.


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