Fatalities in series of explosions in Jakarta

Fatalities in series of explosions in Jakarta

Several explosions occurred today in the Indonesian capital Jakarta. The local publication 'Compass' has reported about six explosions, one of which went off near the Sarinah Mall in front of Starbucks.

Later, several explosions occurred near the embassies of Turkey and Pakistan, local TV reports. At least five people died, one of them a police officer.

The militants that arranged the attack occupied the roof of the building called 'Horizon', also known as the 'Jakarta Theater', in the city center, the head of the local police Anton Charliyan reported.

"Their identities have not been established yet, but they could be linked to Daesh, because we have previously received messages from Daesh that it plans to hold "concerts" in Jakarta," TASS quoted him as saying.

The President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, called the explosions an act of terrorism. "Our nation and our people should not be afraid, acts of terrorism will not defeat us," he stated, expressing hope that "society will remain calm." "We all express condolences about the victims in the incident, but also condemn what violated our security and peace, and spread fear among the people," RIA Novosti quoted Widodo as saying.

Russian citizens have not suffered in series of explosions in Jakarta, the consular officer of the Russian Embassy in Indonesia Roman Romanov reported.