Fire nearby Armenia village continues

Fire nearby Armenia village continues

A total of 80 hectares of land has burned down as a result of the fire that started Monday on the mountain contiguous to Byurakan village of Armenia’s Aragatsotn Province, reports.

Firefighting efforts are still in progress. But there is a strong wind in the area, and this sets hurdles before these efforts.

On Tuesday at 6:20am, a reconnaissance flight was conducted with a helicopter from the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Emergency Situations informed Armenian As a result, the major spots of this fire and the paths of their spreading were determined.   In addition, rescue landing-forces were dropped to the more hazardous areas, with a helicopter; their task is to localize and extinguish the fire spots. 

Fortunately, there are roads and passages in the area, and they contribute to the firefighting efforts. The fire, however, poses no threat to the nearby settlements.


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