Five ISIS militants killed in Turkey

Five ISIS militants killed in Turkey

Turkish police killed five ISIS militants in a raid on a house in the central city of Konya and four police were slightly wounded, the Konya governor's office statement said.

Special forces police launched the operation at the house in the Meram district of the city at 5:15 a.m. (0215 GMT) because they believed the militant cell was planning an attack, the private Dogan news agency said.

It said there were suspicions that those killed may have been planning to target events being held this week to commemorate the first anniversary of an attempted military coup in Turkey on July 15.

A gunfight broke out after those in the house resisted the police and five Kalashnikov rifles, a pistol and ammunition were seized during the raid, it added. Work was continuing to identify those killed.

Police sealed off the area and approaching vehicles were searched after the clash, which occurred during raids conducted by the police on 10 different addresses in Konya, Dogan added.


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